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Discover Matsue City in Shimane | Japan Travel


Hey Everyone, In this video, I make my way down south to Matsue City in Shimane Prefecture. Matsue City may be one of the least visited cities in Japan but it has so many incredible places to see. Just an hour outside of the city is Izumo Taisha Shrine, which is not only one of the oldest shrines in Japan but also the largest! Within Matsue City itself, is one of only 12 original castles in Japan. The Castle is located right in the center of the city on top of a hill, which provides visitors with an amazing view of the entire city! Another exciting must-see spot that Matsue has is Vogal Park! The park has a stunning display of flowers on top of housing an incredible variety of birds. My favorite part of the park is definitely being able to see some of these birds in action at the many bird shows that they have. Come Discover Shimane! Hi, I’m Leah! I’m a twenty-something U.S.-native and adventurer trying to visit as many countries as possible. I’m a part-time traveler and a full-time English teacher in Japan on the JET Program. Find more adventures on my blog: (coming soon) Like me on Facebook: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 _ Music from EpidemicSound Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Rush Wondershare Filmora9 iMovie Gear I used: Fuji FIlm TX100 Crosstour4K Rode VideoMic Pro DJI Spark Drone

Shimane Travel Vlog | national treasure, the ancient shrine, Japanese sleeper train


Subtitles in more than 10 languages are now available (so far only this video)! Happy New Year! I have uploaded this before the new year holiday vlog. I stopped by Shimane on my way back from a work trip to Okayama, and this is it. Many of you have probably never heard of Shimane Prefecture, but some of you may have heard of Izumo Taisha shrine. It is a peaceful place with many other spots as well. Special thanks to my grea-troverts on Patreon! Elyon, Michael, Paul Kevin Cheong, Zac, Chad, Drue Thank you so much! My camera: 🤍 My drone: 🤍 Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 Spotify Playlist: 🤍 The songs 1. The Little Things (Scaled Down Version) - Josef Bel Habib 2. Lonely River - Roots and Recognition 3. Downstream - Roots and Recognition 4. Sincerity - Gavin Luke 5. Sailing Away - Megan Wofford 6. Secret Solitude - Guustavv #japanvlog #japantravel #travelvlog

Feel the Nature 4K, Shimane Japan - 島根県


島根の自然についてもっと知りたい方はこちら しまねの自然公園満喫プロジェクト Learn more about Shimane Nature Shimane Natural Park Enjoyment Project 🤍 しまねの自然4K動画はこちら Shimane's nature 4K video 🤍 Shooting locations are below 00:00 三瓶山(三瓶)/ Mt. Sanbe (Sanbe) 00:06 赤壁(隠岐)/ Sekiheki, Red Cliff (Oki Islands) 00:11 シーカヤック(隠岐)/Sea kayaking (Oki Islands) 00:16 鷺浦(松江)/Sagiura (Izumo) 00:17 経島(出雲)/Fumishima Island (Izumo) 00:19 稲佐の浜・弁天島(出雲)/Inasa no Hama Beach, Bentenjima (Izumo) 00:23 経島(出雲)/Fumishima Island (Izumo) 00:27 出雲大社・神事(出雲) 00:35 美保神社(松江)/Miho Shrine (Matsue) 00:40 日御碕神社(出雲)/ Hinomisaki Shrine (Izumo) 00:43 三瓶山(三瓶)/ Mt. Sanbe (Sanbe) 00:50 立久恵峡(出雲)/Tachikue-kyo Valley (Izumo) 00:54 立久恵千体地蔵(出雲)/Tachikue Thousand Jizos (Izumo) 00:59 乳房杉(隠岐)/ Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar (Oki Islands) 01:07 油井の池(隠岐)/Yui Pond (Oki Islands) 01:11 須々海海岸(松江)/Susumi Coast(Matsue) 01:16 摩天崖・国賀海岸(隠岐)/ Matengai Cliff, Kuniga Coast (Oki Islands) 01:22 隠岐の岩牡蠣(隠岐)/ Iwagaki Oyster Farm (Oki Islands) 01:27 野波海岸・SUP(松江)/Nonami Coast・SUP (Matsue) 01:30 加賀の潜戸・遊覧船(松江)/Kaka-no-Kukedo, Sightseeing Boat (Matsue) 01:34 鷲ケ峰・登山(隠岐)/Hiking at Washigamine Ridge (Oki Islands) 01:37 三瓶山(三瓶)/Mt. Sanbe (Sanbe) 01:39 多古の七つ穴(松江)/Seven Holes of Tako (Matsue) 01:43 三瓶山山頂展望台(三瓶山)/Mt. Sanbe Summit Observatory (Sanbe) 01:51 出雲そば(出雲)/ Izumo Soba (Izumo) 01:57 美保関灯台(松江)/Mihonoseki Lighthouse (Matsue) 02:01 チェリーロード(松江)/Cherry Road (Matsue) 02:05 松江城(松江)/Matsue Castle (Matsue) 02:10 出雲日御碕灯台(出雲)/ Hinomisaki Lighthouse (Izumo) 02:15 ローソク島(隠岐)/ Rōsoku-jima, Candle Island (Oki Islands) 02:17 油井前の洲(隠岐)/ Yui Maenosu Intertidal Shore Platform (Oki Islands) 02:20 出雲平野(出雲)/Izumo Plain (Izumo) 02:22 アカハゲ山(隠岐)/ Mt. Akahage (Oki Islands) 02:24 油井前の洲(隠岐)/Yui Maenosu Intertidal Shore Platform (Oki Islands) 02:26 経島・夕日(出雲)/ Fumishima Island sunset (Izumo) 02:29 稲佐の浜・夕日(出雲)/ Inasa no Hama Beach sunset (Izumo) 02:31 三瓶山山頂(三瓶山)/Mt. Sanbe Summit Observatory (Sanbe) 02:39 斐伊川(出雲)/ Hiikawa River (Izumo) 02:41 宍道湖(松江)/Lake Shinji (Matsue) 02:44 牛の散歩(隠岐)/ Bull & Owner (Oki Islands) 02:47 田植え(隠岐)/ Rice Planting (Oki Islands) 02:49 田んぼと三瓶山(三瓶山)/Paddy Field & Mt. Sanbe (Sanbe) 02:52 日本酒の仕込み(出雲)/Sake Preparation (Izumo) 02:56 アカハゲ山(隠岐)/ Mt. Akahage (Oki Islands) 03:00 摩天崖・国賀海岸(隠岐)/ Matengai Cliff, Kuniga Coast (Oki Islands) 03:02 国賀神社(隠岐)/ Kuniga Shrine (Oki Islands) 03:05 日本海と三瓶山(三瓶山)/Sea of Japan & Mt. Sanbe (Sanbe) 03:09 琴ヶ浜(三瓶山)/Kotogahama Beach (Sanbe) #島根 #出雲 #松江 #隠岐 #三瓶

Shimane Japan Top 5 spots to visit!


#Shimane #ShimaneJapan #NINNINSamurai This movie is showing the beauty of Shimane Japan In this video, we introduce famous places and specialties that Japanese people do not really know with rankings and beautiful images. If you want to know what kind of country Japan is, or if you plan to come to Japan for sightseeing in the near future, we will devise more and more information that will be very helpful. If you watch a video and want to take up a topic like this about Japan next time, if you can comment in the comments section, I'll try my best, so I'm glad if you can subscribe and comment. My Profile I lived in the United States (Columbus, Ohio) from 13 to 24 years old. After that, I returned to Japan and lived. Recently I have been to the United States for work, but even now I feel that overseas people often do not know much about Japan. And I came to want more overseas people to know about Japan. Also, on the other hand, as I learned from this video channel for the first time, in fact, even myself as a Japanese, I did not know much about Japan. Therefore, through this channel, I would like to learn more with you and, above all, have fun and spread the appeal of Japan to the world. 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 47 Region of Japan Top 5 spots to visit Hokkaido Region No.1 Hokkaido Japan 🤍 Tohoku Region No.02 Aomori Japan 🤍 No.03 Iwate Japan 🤍 No.04 Miyagi Japan 🤍 No.05 Akita Japan 🤍 No.06 Yamagata Japan 🤍 No.07 Fukushima Japan 🤍 Kanto Region No.08 Ibaragi Japan 🤍 No.09 Tochigi Japan 🤍 No.10 Gunma Japan 🤍 No.11 Saitama Japan 🤍 No.12 Chiba Japan 🤍 No.13 Tokyo Japan 🤍 No.14 Kanagawa Japan 🤍 Chubu Region No.15 Nigata Japan 🤍 No.16 Toyama Japan 🤍 No.17 Ishikawa Japan Coming Soon! No.18 Fukui Japan Coming Soon! No.19 Yamanashi Japan 🤍 No.20 Nagano Japan 🤍 No.21 Gifu Japan 🤍 No.22 Shizuoka Japan 🤍 No.23 Aichi Japan 🤍 Kansai Region No.24 Mie Japan 🤍 No.25 Shiga Japan 🤍 No.26 Kyoto Japan 🤍 No.27 Osaka Japan 🤍 No.28 Hyogo Japan Coming Soon! No.29 Nara Japan 🤍 No.30 Wakayama Japan Coming Soon! Chugoku Region No.31 Tottori Japan Coming Soon! No.32 Shimane Japan 🤍 No.33 Okayama Japan 🤍 No.34 Hiroshima Japan 🤍 No.35 Yamaguchi Japan Coming Soon! Shikoku Region No.36 Tokushima Japan 🤍 No.37 Kagawa Japan 🤍 No.38 Ehime Japan 🤍 No.39 Kochi Japan 🤍 Kyushu Okinawa Region No.40 Fukuoka Japan 🤍 No.41 Saga Japan 🤍 No.42 Nagasaki Japan 🤍 No.43 Kumamoto Japan 🤍 No.44 Oita Japan 🤍 No.45 Miyazaki Japan 🤍 No.46 Kagoshima Japan 🤍 No.47 Okinawa Japan 🤍 Special Contents the Japanese Castle Rankin 🤍 Soul Food Hiroshima Japan 🤍 World Heritage of Japan 🤍

3 Days in Japan | Budget friendly Travel | Hiroshima, Tottori & Shimane


SUBSCRIBE 🌟 🤍 VLOG Channel ✨ 🤍 INSTAGRAM 📷 🤍 More information about the Sanin region(Tottori & Shimane: 🤍 About the 500yen bus pass: 🤍 Hey guys! In today's video I spent 3 days travelling around Hiroshima, Tottori & Shimane prefectures. I travelled around with another Youtuber, Chichi! We went to places that tourists usually wouldn't go to, hopefully this helps you guys plan your trip to Japan and encourages you to go to the countryside! ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ SOCIAL MEDIA🌹 INSTAGRAM ⭐ 🤍 TWITTER ⭐ 🤍 FACEBOOK ⭐ 🤍 TWITCH ⭐ 🤍 ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ OTHER CHANNELS 🌹 KimDao Main ⭐ 🤍 Gaming ⭐ 🤍 ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ MY CAMERAS 🌹 Sony a6400 🤍 Sony RX100 vi 🤍 Canon G7X Mark ii - 🤍 Lumix GH4 - 🤍 ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ CONTACT 🌹 For business & sponsorship enquiries ONLY: kimdao90🤍 (Japan 日本🇯🇵 ) kim🤍 (International 🌏)

Discover Shimane Photography Workshop in Okuizumo


Discover Shimane Photography Workshop in Okuizumo!! Back in October, we had our first photography workshop, taking participants around the Okuizumo area. We were joined by a special guest Everett Kennedy Brown who offered us tips and insights in photography. We had a day full of fun and memory cards full of pictures. We hope to do this photo workshop again in the future! Who knows where it will be next?! The places we visited during the workshop include Okuizumo Tatara & Japanese Sword Museum, Yukari-an, Kingenji Temple, Okuizumo Orochi-go, Itohara Memorial, and Unshu Chuzen Hamono (Local Blacksmith’s Workshop). We hope you enjoy the video of our 1st Photography Workshop in Okuizumo! - For more information on Okuizumo Town check out their homepage: 🤍 - Google map link: 🤍

Mindful Life in the Japanese Countryside - Matsue, Shimane | Japan travel vlog


Winter has come to Japan☃️ How are you all doing? This is a record of return to my hometown, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, for the first time in three years. I will show you sushi, green tea maccha, traditional kilns, Yaegaki Shrine, Matsue Castle, etc., along with daily life in the countryside. Shimane Prefecture is the second least populated prefecture in Japan and is a real countryside with many old people. Please SUBSCRIBE as I will be uploading regularly ;) 🧡 Where I stayed: Day1&2 👉ONYADO NONO Matsue Cam🎥 DJI Pocket 2 iPhone XS Music🎧 Music by C4C - Grasslands - 🤍 Music by Mikey Ocean - Love Ya - 🤍 Music by C4C - Miss You - 🤍 Music by Anja Kotar - November - 🤍 Music by Mr. Jello - A Love Note - 🤍

The Disappearing Noodle Experience in Masuda, Shimane


😲🍜The Disappearing Noodle Experience🍜😲 🚗Our travels in the Iwami region brought us to a roadside stop where we found some cool vending machines. In Japan, there are vending machines everywhere and they are stocked with anything from hot coffee to cigarettes to toy figurines to daily essentials. Japan loves their vending machines and has them stocked with pretty much anything you can think of, but what about hand-made udon.🍜🍲 It is said that the hand-made udon vending machines are starting to be discontinued throughout the country with only 70 of them being still in service and only available at about 60 stores nationwide!! While they are still in service why not drop by and get a quick bite of udon before they get discontinued. There are several other places throughout the Iwami region that have the hand-made udon vending machines, but the one that we visited is called Goto Shouten and about 10min from central Masuda by car. It’s a small convenience store that sells fresh produce as well as bentos to the daily commuters that pass by on Route 9. Right outside the store is a corner rest area that is lined with vending machines that sell hot & cold drinks, cigarettes and .......hand-made udon. There are six different options (some being ramen and soba) from which you can choose from for 350 yen or 400 yen and all of the topping options have been chosen and daily prepared by the owner. After you put your money in and choose the one you want all you have to do is wait 25 sec and your udon will be ready. It was cheap, quick and really delicious! So next time you are on Route 9 heading west from Masuda station, stop by and get a quick bite of tasty hand-made udon. - Goto Shouten: 🤍

Japanese Onsen Town- Tamatsukuri Onsen. Half Day Model Course for Visiting Shimane.


With the idea to help future visitors with planning out their travels we created a model course video. This video is planned as a half day course for people who are either staying the night at Tamatsukuri or in the nearby areas like Matsue or Izumo. We found that many visitors usually arrive around lunch time due to the morning part of the day being set aside for commuting. So to make a realistic course we planned a course that starts around lunch time and goes till evening. So hopefully through this video you can get an idea of the places you can visit with half a day of time. Enjoy! Places in the video are as follows: Arrive at JR Tamatsukuri Station 0:10 Check out the local pottery studio [Yumachi Kiln] 0:32 Visit a museum for magatama (1 of 3 treasures of Japan) [Izumo Magatama no Sato Traditional Musuem] 1:05 Check-in at hotel [Hotel Gyokusen] 1:59 Rest your feet from long travels [Foot Bath] 2:10 Beautifying products for your skin [Hime Labo] 2:54 Take a break with cold drinks or icecream [Yori Sou] 3:11 Take some of the onsen water with you [Yuyakushi Hiroba] 3:33 Make a wish [Tamatsukuriyu Shrine] 4:40 Brush the Jizo statue for beautiful skin [Seiganji Temple]

All about Shimane - Must see spots in Shimane | Japan Travel Guide


Shimane private tours with a professional Shimane tour guide offer a personalized and unforgettable travel experience in this beautiful region of Japan. With a tour guide, you'll have the opportunity to see the top sights, learn about the local culture and history, and experience the area in a unique and authentic way. A tour guide can also provide insider tips and recommendations, making your trip to Shimane more enjoyable and efficient. Book your Shimane private tour today and make the most of your time in this stunning place! Book now at 🤍 Shimane ( 島根 ) 🤍 Top Sights in Shimane: ———————————————————————— Adachi Museum of Art Matsue Castle Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine Yuushien Shimane Art Museum Matsue Vogel Park Matengai Cliff Dangyo-no-Taki Waterfalls Izumo Grand Shrine Mt. Akahage and Akakabe Shimane City Travel Guide: ———————————————————————— - Shimane 🤍 - Shimane Itineraries: 🤍 - Shimane Tours & Activities 🤍 All this and more at: 🤍 ¡Subscribe! Facebook: 🤍 Youtube: 🤍

Road Trip through Shimane Prefecture | Hagi to Matsue


Subscribe! 🤍 Watch Part 1 🤍 Shimane Road Trip 2022 Playlist 🤍 Find your JAPANESE INGREDIENTS at our store on Amazon. 🤍 *FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA* Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Check out my food and travel channel 🤍 #japan2022 #japantravel #japanesefood #shimane

Beautiful Cycling Route in the Countryside of Japan // Shimane


En-Musubi Kaido Cycling Course (縁結び街道サイクリングコース) Did you know that Shimane is one of the best destinations for cyclists wondering where to go next? Why? You might ask. Well, for one, the nature and scenery you can see while cycling is amazing. Two, we have more than 200 cycling stations called "Goen Cycling Station", that are equipped for cyclists with tools and/ or places to rest. And three, there are a variety of cycling courses to suit your level as a cyclist, no matter your level. The "En-Musubi Kaido Cycling Course" keeps a pretty flat elevation along Lake Shinji, Hiikawa River, and the beautiful crop fields of Izumo city. There are many shops and cafes along the route that you can easily stop at when you want a break. You can event take your bike on the Ichibata train if you get tired. The En-Musubi Kaido Cycling Course is best suitable for beginner level rides. 1) "GIANT STORE 🤍 Shinjiko Onsen Station" You can rent a bicycle in different configurations here. 2) "Momen Kaido" We tried shoyu icecream. Yummy! 3) "Izumo Soba 🤍 Haneya" Izumo Soba is the soul food of Izumo city. It is one of the three best sobas in Japan. You must try it when you visit Izumo. 4) "Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine" 5) "Shinmon-dori Street" Window shopping at the many souvenir shops and cafes that line the street. 6) "Lota Moridaya" Artisan icecream cafe that uses local ingredients. 7) "Inasa no hama Beach" Ahhh the salty wind in our face! Refreshing! 8) "Ichibata Electric Railway" Let's rest our tired feet and enjoy the scenery from the train. 9) "Sunset spot 🤍 Lake Shinji" We got to see one of the best sunsets ever. Great way to end the day!

Cycling through the countryside. Shimane, Japan


There are many ways to travel through Shimane. You can go by trains, bus, cars, and planes. But what about by bicycle? Bicycles offer freedom to choose your own routes and do it at your own pace. Ride along the lake, pass by farms, go down to the beach, up a famous bridge, but the best of all is you can take the route less traveled and find hidden spots not easily accessible by train or car.

Take a nostalgic ride through the countryside of Okuizumo, Shimane.


🚞📸One of the last things we were able to do before it got too cold was taking a ride through the countryside.... on a train with no windows.🛤🌄 Going through the rural countryside, we passed through places we have never visited and seen it from a perspective we could never have imagined. We went through dark long tunnels, switchbacked (railway zig zag) over hills, had freshly grilled yakitori from a station, viewed the beautiful mountainside, passed under autumn trees and even got to see the famous "Orochi loop" from above. We brought our own bentos to eat on the train and we had a blast of a day. Definitely, something to suggest if you want to see the countryside without having to drive. Also if you go in November we suggest wearing some warm clothes because it does tend to get windy without windows.🧣 The "Torokko Ressha" or "Okuizumo Orochi-go" runs from April to November during the year and goes from JR Kisuki Station in Unnan, Shimane to Bingo-Ochiai station in Hiroshima. You can go one way and from different stations, but we went the whole way from JR Kisuki Station to Bingo-Ochiai Station and back. For more information check out 奥出雲町観光協会 Okuizumo Tourism Association homepage here: 🤍 Or send them a message here: 🤍 #Okuizumo #Shimane #Unnan #KisukiStation #openairtrain #nowindows #Orochi #travelthroughthecountryside #ruralJapan #visitJapan #travel #adventure #momiji #autumn #summer #spring #nostalgictrains

Divine Dance [Shimane] - JAPAN FROM ABOVE: UP CLOSE


JAPAN FROM ABOVE descends upon Yunotsu, where artisans like Taizo Kobayashi are preserving the heritage of Iwami Kagura for future generations. This program is a co-production between NHK, Gedeon Programmes, ZDF Arte, and Voyage. Gaze upon more JAPAN FROM ABOVE here! 🤍 Please subscribe HERE: 🤍

A wealth of history: Shimane Prefecture


From the moment you leave Izumo Airport in Shimane Prefecture, there is a wealth of history to see, feel and experience. From the Okuizumo Museum of Tatara Iron-making and Japanese Swords, the Itohara Memorial, and the spectacular scenery, to the Yushien Garden and Matsue Castle, there is so much to discover and learn. Watch this video to learn about what features Shimane Prefecture has to offer. * 歴史が息づく場所、島根 それぞれの地域に根付いた豊かな歴史を誇る島根県。 奥出雲たたらと刀剣館、絲原記念館、由志園そして松江城など、古き良き伝統と現代の感性が織りなす島根県の魅力をお届けいたします。

Japan's Hidden and less visited city: Matsue - Japan Travel guide #Japan #2023


Matsue in Shimane Japan is beautiful, off the beaten path but worth the visit. Perhaps less travelled by the normal tourist; Matsue Shimane is another gem. This quiet city has so much to offer. Not only is it picturesque but it has a castle with what might be one of my favourite surrounding areas with shrines, temples, gardens lined with traditional japanese houses you will love strolling and taking photos. I used the lakeside bus one day pass to get around and it was easy and affordable. This guide will help you plan your trip before you go! ive only recently learnt that the video game Root Letter is based in this city too!

Morning walk around Matsue City- Virtual Tour


Morning walk through Matsue city. Starting from Ohashi Bridge, walked through the Kyomise district, then to the castle, and Shiomi Nawate street.

Heat Honcho [Shimane] - JAPAN FROM ABOVE: UP CLOSE


JAPAN FROM ABOVE descends upon Noboribetsu, a volcanic valley surrounded by hot spring resorts, where Nobuyiki Arukimachi battles the elements to maintain the quality of the water. This program is a co-production between NHK, Gedeon Programmes, ZDF Arte, and Voyage. Gaze upon more JAPAN FROM ABOVE here! 🤍 Please subscribe HERE: 🤍

【タクローfilmVol.3】Life in Shimane,Japan_移030:タクロー


タクロー松下が「記憶じゃなくて記録に残す」をテーマに 島根での移住生活の様子をシネマチックに表現する「タクローfilm」 #桜 #チェリーロード #JAPAN 朝、海に行くとゲートボールをしていた。 近所の方から畑の肥料をいただき、お家にお邪魔させてもらうことに お茶までいただいて、沢山話しをし、楽しい時間を過ごせました。 桜も咲き始めました。 記憶の中で映像化されてしまっていた田舎の風景をYouTubeで見て感じて、 オンライン帰省してください(^ ^) ★チャンネル登録はコチラ! 🤍 また、移ジューバーへ支援物資を頂けると非常にありがたいです! 生もの以外で。 もし頂けるのであれば、 〒690-8666 島根県松江市向島町140-1 TSKさんいん中央テレビ 編成部 TSK YouTube課  まで送っていただけると助かります。 よろしくお願いします。 ●タクロー松下 SNS Twitter:🤍 Instagram:🤍 TikTok : 🤍 ●バーウー小林 SNS Twitter:🤍 ーーーーーーーーーー ★TSK山陰中央テレビ公式 HP 🤍 ★TSK山陰中央テレビ公式 Twitter 🤍

Climb a Pagoda?? at Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Yasugi, Shimane [Japan]


There is a pagoda that sticks out of mountains of Yasugi city. Kiyomizu-dera Temple was built 1400 years ago and enshrines the Buddhist Bodhisattva Kannon. At the temple, there are activites you can participate in such as meditation and sutra copying. You can also try "shojin ryori" which is a set of foods designed around the vegetarian diet of monks. And...there is also a three-story pagoda, that offes a rather rare experience... you can climb it to the top floor!! And from the top floor you can have a unobstructed view of Yasugi and even see the nearby lake Nakaumi. Learn more here: 🤍 Recommended time to visit is autumn, where you can see all the pretty hues of orange and yellow in the nearby landscape.

All-You-Can-Eat Mikans | Yasugi | Shimane | Japan


🍊A part of Japanese winter, Mikans! Full of nutrients and a good way to stay healthy.🍊 It is very commonly found during the winter in Japan. People gift them, people receive them and most of all people eat them, a lot. Mikans are very delicious and packed with nutrients, so it is a tasty way to stay healthy. And what better way than enjoying an all-you-can-eat with mikans! Check out this farm in Yasugi city that grows 4 types of mikans offered to people who want to participate in the mikan picking experience. For one hour you can walk up and down the groves eating mikans till your heart's content and the best thing of all is that at the end you get to take a 1kg bag of mikans home with you! note: This was from our visit in 2019. Coming back this October 2020! - Yasugi Kankou Mikan Farm HP: 🤍 Google Map link: 🤍 Season: from mid-October to December Hours: 10:00 ~ 15:00 Closed: every Wed., Thurs. Pricing: 1300 JPY (Junior High School Student and older) 1000 JPY (Elementary School Student and older) 800 JPY (3 yrs. old and older. Directions: 5 min by car from JR Yasugi Station

Best Japanese Garden in Shimane, JAPAN | Yuushi-en


Located in western Japan, Shimane Prefecture is not the best known place for travelers. However Shimane has so many beautiful Japanese gardens! As a garden lover, I traveled to Shimane for the research of some of the top ranking gardens! Yuushi-en garden Official Website: 🤍 Shimane Japan Official Toursim Guide: 🤍 Japan | Shimane Prefecture: 🤍 Photo Credits: © 2019 大根島 松江観光協会 八束町支部 Copyright(c) Yuushien. #japan #shimane #yuushien

Hikimi Wasabi Farm in Shimane, Japan


Part of our visit to the small village Hikimi in Masuda City, we were also invited to see a small wasabi farm. The farm is hidden in the mountains, shaded by the trees above, and flowing with fresh water from the mountain. Also, check out our Facebook 🤍Discover.Shimane! Check out the video of our visit to the wasabi farm. #wasabi #Masuda #Hikimi #Shimane #farmfresh #freshwasabi #realwasabi #JapaneseWasabi #tasteJapan #JapanInaka #locallygrown #discover_shimane

Shimane Prefecture’s Beautiful Scenery Untouched Landscapes and the Beautiful Spirit of Japan


Shimane Prefecture is situated in the northern region of Western Japan, facing the Sea of Japan. It stretches widely from east to west, with the Oki islands located north of its shores. The land is blessed with riches both from the Sea of Japan and from the Chugoku mountain range. Please come to San’in once after the coronavirus has gone away. The exact place where the myriads of Japanese gods gather is Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine, located in eastern Shimane. In the 10th month of the lunar calendar, all of the gods gather there. In addition to the gathering of the gods, many people around Japan visit there to pray as well. In eastern Shimane, there are more tourist destinations, such as Matsue, which is the capital and a former castle town, and the Adachi Museum of Art, a Michelin Guide 3 stars winner. Central Shimane is home to the World Heritage Site, Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine. In western Shimane, the town of Tsuwano is famous for its white walls lining the main street, giving a glimpse of good old Japan. The Oki islands area consists of about 180 large and small islands with a mesmerizing and dynamic landscape which goes far beyond your expectations. Oki is home to a unique history, culture and ecosystem, and because of its unique geography, Oki has been a member of the Global Geoparks Network since September, 2013. This Video is provided by Shimane Prefectural Office. SHIMANE  Explore Unfamiliar Japan 🤍 Discover Another Japan SAN’IN 🤍 #Tourism #Lifestyles #sociology #healing

What to Do in Matsue | Hidden Castle Town of Japan


Get the TABIEATS Holiday Care Package on sale until December 31, 2022. 🤍 Matsue is the largest city in Shimane prefecture. It's also one of the most beautiful places in Japan. On this video, we'll walk around the city, check out Matsue Castle and get some yummy local food . Subscribe! 🤍 Find your JAPANESE INGREDIENTS at our store on Amazon. 🤍 *FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA* Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Check out my food and travel channel 🤍 #japan2022 #matsue #japan

Brunch at a lighthouse and fresh catch for lunch. Mihonoseki, Shimane Japan


Located on the eastern tip of the Shimane peninsula is the small little port town, Mihonoseki. We drove 45 min from central Matsue city to check out the sights for a day. We started at the lighthouse where we had a small brunch at the lighthouse buffet, then we went to the harbor to check out a local fish drying their days catch and getting a fresh seafood lunch. Off to a local cafe and then a stroll along Aoishi-datami street checking out fish, sake, and shoyu shops. We also visited a very old ryokan and watched the afternoon service at the local shrine. Mihonoseki Lighthouse / Lighthouse Buffet 00:31 Koizumi-ya 00:55 Kamome-tei 1:09 Cafe Kurifune 1:49 Masutani Fish Shop 2:16 Taiko-ya Shoyu 2:36 Mihokan Honkan 2:53 Miho Shrine 3:16 Fukuda Sake Shop 3:34 Aoishi-datami Street When you plan your trip to Shimane, don't forget about Mihonoseki. Also check out our instagram to see pictures of our journeys through Shimane. 🤍discover.shimane

Discover Japan’s Different Regions | Chugoku


In this video series, we take you on a tour of Japan’s different regions to share with you what makes each one special in its own right and to give you an idea of what you can do and expect while traveling to them. The Chugoku Region | Tottori, Okayama, Shimane, Hiroshima and Yamaguchi Please see the links below for more information. In this video series, we take you on a tour of Japan’s different regions to share with you what makes each one special in its own right and to give you an idea of what you can do and expect while traveling to them. The Chugoku Region | Tottori, Okayama, Yamaguchi, Shimane and Hiroshima Please see the links below for more information. Chugoku: 🤍 Tottori: 🤍 Tottori Sand Dunes: 🤍 Misasa Onsen: 🤍 Okayama: 🤍 Okayama Castle: 🤍 Korakuen Garden: 🤍 Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter: 🤍 Kojima Jeans Street: 🤍 Yamaguchi: 🤍 Motonosumi-jinja Shrine: 🤍 Akiyoshidai Plateau: 🤍 Karato Fish Market in Shimonoseki: 🤍 Shimane: 🤍 Iwami Ginzan: 🤍 Izumo: 🤍 Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine: 🤍 Oki Islands: 🤍 Hiroshima: 🤍 Tomonoura: 🤍 Shimanami Kaido (Hiroshima): 🤍 Itsukushima Shinto Shrine (UNESCO): 🤍 Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome: 🤍 Hiroshima Peace Memorial (UNESCO): 🤍

Exploring Japan's Masuda City for the First Time | Japan Adventure Day 1


Start your own sake journey with TIPPSY today. Use code SHINICHIOCT to get 15% off your first purchase. 🤍 Day one of our 10 day adventure through the San-in Region of Japan, one of the most unknown places in Japan. It's our first time visiting this area so we're excited! Part TWO 🤍 Part THREE 🤍 Shimane Road Trip 2022 Playlist 🤍 We had lunch at Dining Cafe Kakinoki Address: イ2583-10 Takatsucho, Masuda, Shimane 698-0041 Subscribe! 🤍 Find your JAPANESE INGREDIENTS at our store on Amazon. 🤍 *FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA* Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Check out my food and travel channel 🤍 #japan #japanesefood #shimane #matsue #japan2022 #japantravel

The "Temple of Moonlight" in Matsue, Shimane. Gesshoji Temple


Early in the morning, during a light drizzle, the grounds full of blooming hydrangeas, the ideal conditions are met for visiting Gesshoji Temple. Located not far from Matsue Castle, it is the family temple of the Matsudaira clan who were the longest reigning family of Matsue. Learn more about the temple: 🤍 Check out our instagram 🤍discover.shimane for more pictures of our visit and other adventures in Shimane.

Experience Dogo, Oki Islands


Where stunning scenery unfolds before your eyes! Wanting to experience the outdoors, we visited Dogo, the largest of the Oki Islands, which is located in the Sea of Japan north of the Shimane Peninsula. Please check out the short movie to get a sneak peek of what our experience was like🥰 Everywhere you look, you can see island’s unique ecosystems and geographical features not seen elsewhere in Japan. With the help from our guides, we got to experience all that the island has to offer✨ And, with a special recommendation from the locals we were able to watch the beautiful sunset from one of their favorite spots. 😆 Maybe it was because of the warm hospitality from the locals, or being able to experience their way of life and watch the same stunning scenery they do every day, but with all of our many fond memories of our time there, we definitely want to visit again😆! Check out our page in the upcoming days as we post more detailed reports about all the things we experienced ✅ ▼Other activities available here! 🤍 ▼Special Thanks Oki Tabi 🤍

Horan-Enya!1 of 3 largest boat festivals in Japan! Matsue, Shimane


About every 10 years this is a traditional boat festival involving up to 100 boats in Matsue. It is known as Horan-Enya and is 1 of 3 largest boat festivals in all of Japan. We were lucky enough to be able to attend it this year and this is the video we made of the nine-day-long festival. For more information check out: 🤍

Shimane Cherry Blossoms


🌸 The blooming of the sakura (cherry blossoms) marks a time of renewal in Japan. Friends new and old gather to view its fleeting beauty that only lasts around two weeks. 🌸 Throughout Shimane, there are many places to view the cherry blossoms in bloom. Some of the more commonly known ones include Matsue Castle (Matsue), Hii River (Unnan), and Tamayu River (Matsue). Last week we visited the Hii River bank near the JR Kisuki Station which is ranked in the top 100 best cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan and the Tamayu River near Tamatsukuri Onsen which has 400 trees spanning along a 2km long bank. With the season of cherry blossoms coming to a close we hope everyone got to enjoy the season with friends and hope to see you next year in Shimane! - Hii River (斐伊川) ■Address: Kisuki-cho Kisuki, Unnan-shi, Shimane 699-1332 (map) Tamayu River (玉湯川) ■Address: 32-7 Tamatsukuri, Tamayu-cho, Matsue-shi, Shimane 699-0201 (map) -



Enjoy student life at Shimane University! (English subtitles available) Want to know more about student life at Shimane University? Come explore the city, tourist locations, and restaurants around Matsue Campus! This national university is located in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, Japan, which is abundant with nature and lots of things to do and places to visit. Please consider Shimane University as your place of study. 【Made with the help of ISF (International Student Friends) 】 Matsue Castle: 15 min. by bike from campus Matsue Shinjiko Onsen Station Foothbath: 20 min. by bike from campus Restaurant 1: 2 min. walk from campus Restaurant 2: 3 min. walk from campus 🤍 島根大学の学生生活を楽しもう!(英語字幕あり) 島根大学での学生生活について詳しく知りたい方!大学の松江キャンパス周辺にある観光地や飲食店を一緒に巡りましょう!大学のある島根県松江市は、自然にも恵まれ、楽しいスポットがたくさんあります。ぜひ島根大学への入学をご検討ください! 【大学のサークルISF の協力で制作された動画です。】 松江城:キャンパスから自転車で15 分 松江しんじ湖温泉駅:キャンパスから自転車で20 分 食堂:キャンパスから歩いて2 分 レストラン:キャンパスから歩いて3 分 🤍

Japan Travel Shimane-YOSHIDA BREWERY-


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Sunset Vibes in Matsue, Shimane



The House of Drying Persimmons in the Countryside of Matsue.


🍋During autumn as the leaves start to turn yellow and orange, so does the houses of this village.🍋 In the countryside of Higashiizumo, there is a village in the hills that offer quite a peculiar sight. What is it about their houses that turn yellow and orange? It is persimmon! Dried persimmons! In this village people have purposely built houses for drying persimmons. They are built 2 to 3 stories high and open up fully allowing the air and the sun to dry the persimmons naturally. The villagers grow their own persimmons and during the autumn hang them up to dry. The persimmons they use are not of the usual variety you can find at supermarkets, but are of the variety "saijyo gaki". Eaten raw, without drying, they are very astringent, but once allowed to dry they become sweet and very tasty. If you come to the countryside during autumn, this is definitely a sight to see and while you are here try the local "hoshi gaki" dried persimmons.

Roller coaster Bridge -Yonago to Masuda Japan Road Trip (Tottori to Shimane Prefecture)


This is day 4 of our first Japan Road trip. Where we started our day at YONAGO, we stayed in ANA Crown Plaza Hotel which is only 6 minutes walk to the based of YONAGO castle ruin. Since this trip was intended to be a road trip, we have not seen most of the city. After we seeing the Castle Ruin, we head on to SAKAIMINATO our way towards Shimane Prefecture, also I was very intrigue by Eshima Grand Bridge. It wasn't steep as it was as you can see on online photos, ( it was look like steep inclined from far, when you are looking from Matsue side ( Shimane side) of the bridge, the photos you have seen online are taken from far using a powerful or long lense cameras. Nevertheless the Bridge still looks good! We head on towards, Shimane prefecture to Unnan City, its a quaint little friendly town, which I intend to visit again during Cherry Blossoms, very picturesque town too, even without the Sakura charms, Hii river flows in this city (Hiikawa). The coastal road of Shimane are site to behold, we just cant stop over as it was predicted to rain. Japan have the amazing national road system, tunnels and the sights of lush forest, mountains, valleys in between tunnel roads are just amazing! There are plenty of onsen along the way ( located on the mountains & valleys) , spas, which we will surely try next time. Then we head on to a very long non stop drive towards MASUDA to rest for the night, and continue the road trip the next day. Doing a road trip in Japan, makes me realized how Japanese rebuild their country after WW2, their passion in connecting everyone, everywhere in their country, (by those amazing roads, tunnels, train tracks) I also notice how they preserve or take care of their wild life, nature at its best ( very diverse, lush) Just so much fun road tripping! See you on day 5 of our road trip!

Izumo Shrine, one of Japan’s oldest and most sacred shrines, Shimane, Japan


#izumoshrine #shimane #izumo Izumo Shrine is one of the oldest shrines and one of the most sacred shrines in Japan.

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