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5 Minute Review | Godox MoveLink M2 Wireless Microphone Kit


A look at the new wireless microphone kit and accessories from Godox, the MoveLink M2. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- USED IN THIS VIDEO: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- GODOX MOVELINK M2: 🤍 RODE WIRELESS GO II: 🤍 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I get my music from Epidemic Sound Get a free 30 day trial here: 🤍 My Kit: 🤍 _ Disclaimer: I'm a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. In other words, links here are affiliate links and won't cost you more but I will receive a small kickback if you use them to make a purchase.

No One Asked For This... but it's Great! - Godox MoveLink ii M2 Review


Not that long ago, Godox released the first MoveLink M2 wireless mic system. And it was good! It wasn't great... but it was a solid performer at a solid price. And here we are again already with the mark ii version. But why?? Today we'll find out why, and a whole lot more! To pick one up: Amazon US: 🤍 Adorama: 🤍 Amazon CA: not yet available Or my other best choice, the Smallrig Forevala W60 Amazon US: 🤍 Amazon CA: not yet available Adorama: 🤍 My merch store: 🤍 My photography Facebook group: 🤍 A few of my favourite things: 🤍 Shot on a Sony a7iv in 4K30 10-bit 4:2:2 Slog 3 Camera Canada kit: 🤍 Camera Canada Body Only: 🤍 Amazon US: 🤍 Adorama: 🤍 With the Viltrox 24 1.8: Amazon US: 🤍 Amazon CA: 🤍 Adorama: 🤍 Follow me on the faceplaces: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Music provided by EpidemicSound - To join up, feel free to use my referral link: 🤍 Thanks for stopping by! #godox #movelink #wirelessaudio *Disclosure: This product was sent to me by Godox for my honest review. Additionally, I am a member of Amazon, Camera Canada, Adorama and Pergear affiliate/associate programs, and anything that you purchase by clicking on/through my links could result in me getting a commission. That being said, I greatly appreciate you doing so, as it helps to fund this channel's operations, as well as feed my family.

The Ultimate Wireless Audio Comparison | Røde vs Deity vs Comica vs Godox


Wireless audio solutions have absolutely blown up over the last couple of years with the Rode Wireless Go, Deity Pocket Wireless, Comica Audio BoomX-D PRO D2, and Godox Movelink M2 offering great value at different price points and features. But which one should you actually buy? We'll dive DEEP into this and give TONS of examples. I'll also say that none of these are bad products at all and I'd feel confident with any of them for most use cases. Røde Wireless GO II: 🤍 Deity Pocket Wireless: 🤍 Comica Audio BoomX-D PRO D2: 🤍 Godox Movelink M2: 🤍 Røde Lavalier II: 🤍 Other Options: Røde Wireless GO II [single]: 🤍 Røde Lavalier GO: 🤍 Deity V.Lav: 🤍 Godox Movelink [single]: 🤍 Learn more & support me here: ► 🤍 My Lightroom Editing Presets: ► 🤍 Cascade LUTs are now available: ► 🤍 My Favorite Leather Camera Straps: Single Camera: 🤍 Dual Camera: 🤍 [Use Code BENJ for 10% off 🤍CleverSupplyCo] License the best music | 🤍 My filming gear: Main Camera | 🤍 Studio Wide Lens | 🤍 Overhead Camera | 🤍 Shotgun Mic | 🤍 Studio Light | 🤍 Podcast Mic | 🤍 Audio Interface | 🤍 My photo kit: Leica M10 [silver]: 🤍 Leica M10 [black]: 🤍 Fujifilm GFX: 🤍 Canon R6: 🤍 Canon EF Adapter: 🤍 21mm: 🤍 28mm: 🤍 35mm: 🤍 50mm: 🤍 65mm: 🤍 90mm: 🤍 Video Light: 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 Subscribe to Benj Haisch Here: ►🤍 Benj Haisch on Social Media: ► 🤍 ► 🤍 ► 🤍 ► 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps to support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Timestamps: 0:00 Intro & Disclosures 1:56 Pricing 2:17 Main Differences 3:53 Ease of Use 6:22 Internal Recording Workflow 8:10 Transmission Distance 8:34 Included Cases & Charging 10:21 Battery Life 10:38 Lav Mics 11:43 Real World Examples 14:14 In Studio Intro 14:54 Transmitter In Studio 15:31 Included Lav Mics In Studio 15:46 Rode Lavalier II In Studio 16:04 Handheld Mic In Studio 16:33 Transmitter Outdoors 16:53 Included Lav Mics Outdoors 17:07 Rode Lavalier II Outdoors 17:23 Godox: Two Person 18:38 Comica: Two Person 19:53 Rode: Two Person 21:37 Deity: Two Person 23:03 Conclusions

Godox Movelink M2 MARK II Review


Godox Movelink II M2 dual wireless microphone system review and comparison with Rode Wireless Go Godox Movelink II M2 is the second generation of super-popular dual wireless microphone system Godox Movelink M2. Godox Movelink II M2 has improved range of 100m (in the original Godox Movelink M2 it was 50m), Godox Movelink II M2 has 2 more hours of battery life and a couple of other minor improvements, but for the same 199$ price! The kit of Godox Movelink II M2 is simply outstanding and it has a great value, it includes 2 transmitters, 1 receiver, two great quality lav mics, all the cables you'll ever need, two win muffs, magnets and a charging case for single cable charging of the whole Godox Movelink II M2 kit. In today's video we'll make a comparison of Godox Movelink II M2 vs Rode Wireless Go outdoors and indoors, Godox Movelink II M2 kit lav mic on Godox Movelink II M2 and Rode wireless go plus a comparison with Arimic Lav mic, Godox Movelink II M2 Digital Noise Reduction test, Godox Movelink II M2 range test vs Rode Wireless Go, how Godox Movelink II M2 works with iPhone, 2 hours straight recording test with sound check and more! Enjoy watching - Godox Movelink II M2 review and comparison with Rode Wireless Go. Godox website - 🤍 Shop for Godox Movelink II M2 on AliExpress - 🤍 AriMic Lav Mic review - 🤍 Adobe Podcast Enhance Speech Test vs PRO Audio Gear - 🤍 Microphone reviews and comparisons playlist - 🤍 DJI Mic review and comparison with Rode wireless Go and Sennheiser G3 - 🤍 00:00 - Godox Movelink II M2 vs Movelink M2 1st gen 01:05 - What's in the kit of Godox Movelink II M2 02:33 - TX and RX overview and functions 03:52 - Digital noise reduction test 04:20 - Built in mic test Godox vs Rode (outdoors) 04:56 - Godox Kit lav mic test on Godox and Rode (+Arimic lav mic) 05:49 - 2 hours straight recording test 06:13 - Indoors mic comparison using with iPhone 07:13 - Godox Movelink II M2 Distance test at 1 to 100m vs Rode Wireless Go 09:50 - Price, value, competition, conclusion #godoxmovelinkiim2 #godox #Godoxmovelinkm2 You can find me on Instagram 🤍 🤍 My Russian YouTube channel 🤍 My website 🤍 🤍 My gear 🤍

The best wireless microphone under $200? | The Godox Movelink M2


The Godox Movelink M2 is one of the best wireless microphone systems on the market, and compares very well to the Rode Wireless Go II Best Price links - Link M2 - 🤍 Link to M1 - 🤍 I get my MUSIC here - 🤍 (2 months free bonus)

GODOX MoveLink II M2 Wireless Mic System Review


Check this affiliate link for the current price: 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Subscribe: 🤍 Check out my Amazon store: 🤍 (Note; the above link is an affiliate link and I may earn a commission for purchases) Website: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍

Godox Movelink M2 vs Rode GO II


Rode GO II vs. Godox Movelink M2 - both offer a complete neck mic solution, but which should you choose? We took both mics for a spin to see which one offers better value for money - it turns out that they are both a great choice depending on your needs. watch the full videos to see how they compare on each category. Wireless mics in the video: RODE GO II: 🤍 RODE GO II with two microphones: 🤍 Godix Movelink M2: 🤍 Chapter list: 00:00 - intro 01:06 - form factor 01:40 - what's in the box 02:43 - sound quality 03:27 - range 03:44 - mounting options 04:45 - control and display 05:21 - recording 06:39 - battery time 06:52 - price 07:15 - conclusion Gear we use: Sony A7III: 🤍 Sony A7SIII: 🤍 Sony 24-70mm: 🤍 Irix Cine 11mm: 🤍 Sachtler Flowtech: 🤍 Manfrotto 645 FAST Video Tripod: 🤍 Manfrotto 504x fluid head: 🤍 Spiffy Gear KYU-6: 🤍 Spiffy Gear Spekular: 🤍 Pixapro LED100/200: 🤍 Manfrotto MVG460: 🤍 Manfrotto Gimboom: 🤍

Godox: #Godox #Movelink Operation Tutorial


We are proud to release Godox movelink, a professional audio solution for all content creators. In this video, we will show you how to setup both the receiver and transmitters, and what the 2.4GHz wireless microphone system MoveLink looks like when put to practice. Learn more at: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Website: 🤍

Good Audio is critical for creating right impact | Godox MoveLink M2 Review.


If you wish to learn Photography or Filmmaking, consider Pixel Viilage Creator Academy. Go to 🤍 for find out more and to send an enquiry. You can buy the products thru our affiliate store using the below link: 🤍 Follow Pixel Viilage: Pixel Viilage instagram - 🤍 Pixel Viilage Facebook - 🤍 Pixel Viilage Website: 🤍 We get MUSIC from Epidemic Sound. Use the below link to Sign Up for a 30 day free Trial of Epidemic Sound. 🤍 Pixel Viilage instagram - 🤍 Pixel Viilage Facebook - 🤍 Pixel Viilage Website: 🤍

The best Wireless Microphone system under $200 I Unboxing/Setup of Your Godox MoveLink II M2 System


Godox MoveLink II M2 Wireless Audio System - 🤍 Godox Handheld Adapter - 🤍

DJI Mic vs Godox MoveLink M2 Comparison


Timecodes 0:00 Introduction 1:48 Unboxing 6:00 A Closer Look 10:00 Size and Weight Comparison 12:50 Basic Operation 22:50 In Action 25:00 Magnets 27:10 Range Test 36:00 Conclusion

Обзор радиосистемы Godox MoveLink M2


Как убрать электромагнитный шум на камере при использовании радиосистемы godox? Как убрать наводку на камеру от радиосистемы godox? Почему происходят обрывы связи при использовании радиосистемы godox? Как снизить уровень белого шума.

Godox Movelink M2. Максимальная годнота за свои деньги.


В данном видеоролике будет только самое важное: быстро пройдёмся по комплектации, настройкам системы, которых здесь минимум , и далее только реальный опыт использования без банальных тестов. Радиосистема реально годная, тут и добавить больше нечего)) #godoxmovelinkm2 #godoxm2 #godox Мои контакты: Яндекс Дзен: 🤍 VK: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Viber/WhatsApp: 89004751060 Email: deviatytch🤍yandex.ru

Godox MoveLink M2 Review vs Rode Go & Lark 150


Godox continues their foray into the audio field with the ultra-convenient MoveLink M2 kit, giving you compact wireless stereo mics with an integrated charging case. How does it hold up against the competition? We're going to find out! We'll be specifically closely comparing it to the Rode Wireless Go, as well as the Hollyland Lark 150, for reasons that will become obvious during the video. Want to pick up one of these? Feel free to use one of my affiliate links to help support this channel, and feed my fat cats: Amazon US: 🤍 Amazon CA: 🤍 Adorama: adorama.rfvk.net/vnEX7N Rode Wireless Go ii Amazon US: 🤍 Amazon CA: 🤍 Adorama: adorama.rfvk.net/Yg2OJq Hollyland Lark 150: Amazon US: 🤍 Amazon CA: 🤍 Adorama: 🤍 A few of my favourite things: 🤍 Shot on the Sony a7iii: Adorama: 🤍 Amazon US: 🤍 Amazon CA: 🤍 With the 35 1.4 GM: Amazon US: 🤍 Amazon CA: 🤍 Adorama: adorama.rfvk.net/jWR50v Camera Canada: 🤍 Follow me on the faceplaces: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Music provided by EpidemicSound - To join up, feel free to use my referral link: 🤍 Thanks for stopping by! #godox #movelink #wirelessmic *Disclosure: This product was provided to me free of charge by Godox for my honest review. Additionally, I am a member of Amazon, Adorama and Pergear affiliate/associate programs, and anything that you purchase by clicking on/through my links could result in me getting a commission. That being said, I greatly appreciate you doing so, as it helps to fund this channel's operations, as well as feed my family. #godox #wirelessmic #movelink

БЕЗ ШУТОК! Это реально лучшая радиосистема на сегодняшний день. Полный обзор Godox Movelink M2


🛒 Радиосистема Godox Movelink M2 🤍 ➡️ Цены на AliExpress 🤍 ➡️ Цены на Amazon 🤍 ℹ️ Как подключить эту радиосистему к iPhone 🤍 ✅ Купить в России товары Xiaomi дешевле, чем на AliExpress вот здесь 🤍 ✅ ✅ Магазин с видеооборудованием по лучшим ценам: 🤍 ✳️ Лучшее оборудование для съемки видео на смартфон: 🤍 🎬 Наша барахолка в Telegram. Здесь вы можете продавать/покупать видеооборудование: 🤍 👍 Поддержать канал 🤍 🎥 Полный список моего оборудования 🤍 🔰 Моя основная камера 🤍 🔰 Мой основной свет 🤍 🔰 Мой гибкий свет 🤍 🔰 Мой микрофон-пушка 🤍 🔰 Мой петличный микрофон 🤍 🔰 Моя радиосистема 🤍 🔰 Моя компактная радиосистема 🤍 🔰 Мой стабилизатор 🤍 🔰 Мой дрон 🤍 🔌 Все мое оборудование, которое я продаю после обзоров 🤍 ✌️ Лучшие цены на товары Xiaomi 🤍 🎵 Epidemic Sound ✅ Самая крутая музыка для вашего YouTube канала МЕСЯЦ бесплатно в НЕОГРАНИЧЕННЫХ количествах по ссылке 🤍 ✅ Если вы блогер, то выбирайте план PERSONAL (сюда входит YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Facebook и т.д) ✅ Если вы бизнес или создаете видеоролики на заказ, то вам подойдет план COMMERCIAL ✅ Видеоинструкция по правильной регистрации на Epidemic Sound 🤍 ✅ Обзор Epidemic Sound 🤍 🎵 Artlist ✅ 2 БЕСПЛАТНЫХ месяца по ссылкам ниже при регистрации на Artlist и ArtGrid: ✅ Artlist 🤍 (очень качественная музыка для твоих видео) ✅ Artgrid 🤍 (стоковые футажи премиум-уровня) ✅ Motion Array 🤍 (топовые титры, переходы и эффекты) Подписывайтесь на другие наши каналы: 🚙 Выезжаем! 🤍 🔌 Братишка Али 🤍 💊 от Лукавого 🤍 ☑️ Канал в Telegram - 🤍 ☑️ Instagram - 🤍 ☑️ Сайт - 🤍 📩 Реклама и сотрудничество: 🤍 📩 Collaboration and advertising on the YouTube and other platforms 🤍 ✅ Видеокурс по Final Cut 🤍 ✅ Видеокурс по Pixelmator 🤍 ✅ Видеокурс по Apple Photo 🤍 ➡️ Посмотреть все плейлисты 🤍 ➡️ Съемка видео на смартфоны 🤍 Какой должна быть идеальная радиосистема? Ответ простой: она должна быть цифровой, двухканальной, должна без затыков и помех работать с перекрытием на расстоянии не менее 20 метров, у нее должен быть качественный звук как со встроенного, так и с петличного микрофона, у нее должен быть широкий динамический диапазон и возможность работать с высоким звуковым давлением без перегруза и она должна недорого стоить. Существует ли такая радиосистема? Теперь - да. Полный обзор Godox Movelink M2 уже на канале. 00:00 Обзор радиосистемы Godox Movelink 03:15 Комплектация, качество петличного микрофона 08:36 ПередатчикGodox Movelink 09:10 Приемник Godox Movelink, регулировки 09:56 Технические характеристики, работа с перегрузками 10:25 Тесты радиосистемы Godox Movelink в студии 14:59 Рабочая частота, аккумуляторы 15:27 Тест дальности Godox Movelink, работы с перекрытиями на улице ℹ️ Disclosure and policy 🤍 ℹ️ Дополнительная информация 🤍 #godoxMovelink #godox

Lokasi Rame Suara Jernih | Wireless Clip On Godox Movelink M2


Gokil banget mic wireless clip on yang satu ini. Dengan harga yang cukup murah kualitas yang diberikan ga main2 bahkan suaranya bersih walaupun dipake outdoor. Ini sih bakal mengancam brand besar kayak Rode dan juga saramonic nih. Link Pembelian Godox Movelink M2 🤍 *Gear Video Kami* Primary: Fujifilm X-T4 Secondary: Fujifilm X-S10 Join Discord Kita: 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Business mail : contact🤍estechmedia.com

Godox Operation Tutorial | Movelink II


The 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone System MoveLink II is compact and easy to use. Come and check how to fully control the system to benefit your creation! Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Website: 🤍

Godox Movelink M2 vs Rode Wireless Go 2


Herkese merhabalar, Bu videomda sizlerle kablosuz yaka mikrofonu olan Godox Movelink m2 modeli ile Rode Wireless go 2 modellerlerinin detaylı karşılaştırmasını yapıyorum. Satın Alabileceğiniz Güvenli Link: 🤍 Video Chapters 0:00 Giriş 1:06 Godox Movelink M2 Kutu İçeriği 1:46 Teknik Özellikler 2:09 Test Yolculuğu 3:20 Zv-1 Mikrofon 4:14 Godox Mono Ses Kayıt Performansı 6:33 Godox vs Rode 7:42 Godox ve Rode Deadcat'lerle 8:58 Godox Mesafe Testi 13:14 Rode Mesafe Testi 15:38 Godox MoveLink M2 Stereo Modu ve Değerlendirme Ayrıcalıklardan yararlanmak için bu kanala katılın: 🤍 EMRE SARAÇ OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL 📌İlginizi Çekebilecek Videolarım Haylou LS01 Detaylı İnceleme | BU FİYATA YOK BÖYLE BİR AKILLI SAAT 🤍 MacBook Hakkında Bilmedikleriniz - En Çok Kullandığım Kısa Yollar 🤍 Xiaomi Telefonlarda 20 Bilinmeyen Özellik 🤍 Xiaomi 10 Bilinmeyen Özellik 🤍 Mi Band 5 İnceleme - Dünyanın En Çok Satan Bilekliği 🤍 Apple Watch Series 3 İnceleme - Series 3 vs Series 5 - Sizce Hangisi ? 🤍 Mi Band 4 Bonus Özellikli Detaylı İnceleme 🤍 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite İnceleme 🤍 Mi Box'a Chrome ve Bein Connect Uygulamarı Nasıl Yüklenir 🤍 APPLE WATCH 5 İnceleme 🤍 XİAOMİ WİFİ REPEATER PRO İNCELEME 🤍 Merhaba, Kanalımda teknoloji ağırlıklı ve incelediğim ürünlerle ilgili deneyimlerimi anlatan videolar çekiyorum... Eğer sen de teknolojiye meraklı ve bu konuya kafa takanlardansan bu kanal tam sana göre destek olmak için abone olabilirsin 😊 🤍 SOSYAL MEDYA HESAPLARIM ➤Instagram : 🤍 ➤Facebook : 🤍 ➤Twitter : 🤍 İŞ BİRLİKLERİNİZ İÇİN E-MAİL 1nci - Öncelikli - es.emre.sarac🤍gmail.com 2ncil e-mail adreslerim mr.technology.src🤍gmail.com emre.sarac🤍live.de

EXCELLENT Professional Wireless Microphone Kit | Godox Movelink M2 | Sound Test and Review


The Godox Movelink M2 Wireless Microphone Kit is a great choice for content creators looking for a dual microphone system. Its compact build, professional sound, and 6hr battery life make this a worthy look at. * If you like the gear I'm using go ahead and get it here. You'll be helping out the channel a lot! Thanks As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases Featured Gear: Movelink M2: 🤍 (Current Gear) Camera A: 🤍 Camera B: 🤍 Main Microphone: 🤍 Audio Recorder: 🤍 Speakers: 🤍 Headphones: 🤍 Hairlight: 🤍 Mainlight: 🤍 Softbox: 🤍 RGB Background Light: 🤍 Best Home Mixer (with bonus stuff):🤍 (Previous Gear) Vlogging Microphone: 🤍 Dead cat: 🤍 My Main Audio Recorder: 🤍 Shotgun Microphone: 🤍 Drone 1: 🤍 Drone 2: 🤍 My new Favorite 4k Webcam: 🤍 My Favorite WebCam: 🤍 My Previous Favorite Webcam (Huge Discount): 🤍 Best Home Mixer (with bonus stuff):🤍 Awesome Headphones for Mixing: 🤍 Get Fun Merchandise Here: 🤍 🤍 Join the Loco's Community on Discord 🤍 FOLLOW LO KNOWS FACEBOOK: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 #godox #movelinkm2 #wirelessmicrophone 0:00 Intro 1:54 Unboxing 3:43 Lavalier Mic Test 6:15 Eq audio sample 7:53 Audio sample w/ Windguard 9:40 Audio Test connected directly to Camera 11:37 ML-H Movelink Handheld adapter 12:32 Outside distance test 13:32 Final Thoughts

Godox MoveLink M2 Vs Rode Wireless Go Vs Rode VideoMic Pro+


Os traigo una comparativa de tres micrófonos: Godox MoveLink M2 Vs Rode Wireless Go Vs Rode VideoMic Pro+. Dos de ellos son muy parecidos, de solapa, inalámbricos, con batería... son el Godox MoveLink M2 y el Rode Wireless Go. El otro es un micrófono de cañón, el Rode VideoMic Pro+. Para ver, bueno, para oír mejor dicho, sus diferencias, os dejo con este vídeo, donde el audio no ha sido editado, es tal cual se ha grabado y he ido indicando arriba a la derecha en todo momento qué micrófono es el que está pinchado. Dejando de lado del Rode VideoMic Pro+, que a pesar de ser un estupendo micrófono para trabajar en cámara, queda claro que no lo podemos comparar con los otros dos, entre el Godox MoveLink M2 y el Rode Wireless Go, si bien se aprecia alguna diferencia en cuanto al audio (la grabación en el Godox es algo más grave, o la del Rode algo más aguda), vemos que se comportan prácticamente igual. Entonces, qué micrófono es mejor? por cual me decanto? Yo lo tengo claro... por 100€ menos que el famoso Wireless Go tenemos el Godox MoveLink M2, que además nos incluye el estuche de carga (que no tiene batería incorporada), los dos "lavalier"(micrófono de solapa), los "deadcat" que no se caen y se sujetan muy bien, y el cable para conectar a minijack de teléfono. #Godox #Rode #CursosDeFotografía 📷 Mis Cursos Online de Fotografía: 🤍 👉 Todos los cursos tienen soporte personalizado. 👉 Hay diferentes niveles y temáticas. 👉 El acceso y los materiales descargables son para siempre. 📩 Suscríbete a la Newsletter, te informaré de nuevos cursos: 🤍 Descuentos: 🖥️ Luminar - Descuento de 10€ - Código "GUILLEM" - 🤍 👕 Camisetas para fotógrafos: 🤍 📸 Mi equipo fotográfico: 🤍 Sígueme: 🔗 Instagram: 🤍 🔗 Twitter: https//twitter.com/g_calatrava 🔗 Facebook: 🤍 🌐 Porfolio: 🤍 🌐 Blog de Fotografía: 🤍 Soy Guillem Calatrava, fotógrafo y creador de contenido audiovisual freelance; también soy co-fundador de Naturpixel, donde imparto formación fotográfica y escribo y hablo de fotografía. Desde bien pequeño siempre me gustó la fotografía. Todo empezó cuando tenía 6 años, una Navidad en la que a mi abuela le tocó un mini pellizco de la lotería. Ese año nos regaló una cámara de fotos a cada nieto. Era una Kodak Ektralite que aún conservo, de las que iban con carrete de 110. Siempre la llevaba encima en mis salidas de fin de semana o excursiones con el colegio, aunque gastaba las películas (eran de 12 o 24 fotos) en menos de 5 minutos… Como me fascinaba la imagen, en el instituto decidí estudiar el bachillerato artístico, principalmente porque se impartía una asignatura de fotografía, donde hicimos nuestra propia cámara estenopeica (que aún conservo) y revelábamos las copias en el laboratorio. Así fue como vi claramente que me quería dedicar a la fotografía de forma profesional, quería ser fotógrafo.

GÜZEL AMA BU KADAR ABARTMAYA DEĞMEZ | Godox MoveLink M2 Kablosuz İkili Mikrofon Kiti


#godox #movelinkm2 #kablosuzmikrofon Ayrıcalıklardan yararlanmak için bu kanala katılın: 🤍 ❤️ Abone Olmak İçin : 🤍 ❤️ Katıl Yardımı İle Destek Olmak İçin : 🤍 Herkese Selamlar Arkadaşlar, Bugün sizlere Godox MoveLink M2 Kablosuz İkili Mikrofon Kitini inceleyeceğim. Zengin kutu içeriği ve yüksek reklamı sayesinden herkesin muhteşem bir ürün olarak lanse ettiği bu mikrofon setini sizler için inceledim. Dış mekan testlerinde dengesiz davransada iç mekanda iyi iş çıkardı. Tabi iç mekan için bu ürüne o kadar para verir miyiz orası tartışılır. Şimdi videomuzu izleyin ve ses kalitesine kendiniz karar verin. Umarım videomuz sizlere faydalı olur. Satın Almak İçin : 🤍 Mirfak WE10 Pro : 🤍 📢 Yapılan videoları ve anlatılan konuları beğeniyorsanız. Kanala Abone Olarak ve videoları Beğenerek bana destek olabilirsiniz. Destekleriniz sayesinde farklı kişilere ulaşabilir onlarında faydalanmasını sağlarız. Lütfen Desteklerinizi Esirgemeyin. Sevgilerle Android Tv ve Android Box Gerekli Uygulamalar Arşivi : (Pcloud) 🤍 Android Telefon Tv Box Geniş Uygulama Arşivi : (Mail.ru) Port Android : 🤍 Tv Os : 🤍 Hoşunuza Gidebilecek Videolarım : 2022 Yılı Güncel Televizyon Tavsiyelerim : 🤍 Android Tv Box 1080p Netflix Kullanımı : 🤍 Android Tv Box Webcam Kullanımı : 🤍 Android Tv Boxta Kullandığım Ekipmanlar : 🤍 Android Boxta Kontrolcü/Gamepad Tavsiyem : 🤍 Android Cihazlarda Kontrolcü İle Pubg Mobile Oynamak : 🤍 PUBG Mobile Bilgisayarda Nasıl Oynanır: 🤍 Teknolojik gelişmeleri ve incelemeleri kaçırmamak için kanalımıza abone olun: 🤍 İnceleme videolarımızı buradan izleyebilirsiniz ► 🤍 Sosyal Medya Hesaplarımız: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Ekipmanlarım : 🤍 ➥Kamera : 🤍 ➥Kamera Batarya : 🤍 ➥Ses Kayıt Cihazı : 🤍 ➥Kondenser Mikrofon : 🤍 ➥Yaka Mikrofonu : 🤍 ➥Tripod : 🤍 ➥Işık 1 : 🤍 ➥Işık 2 : 🤍 ➥Platform : 🤍 ➥Platform 2 : 🤍 ➥Sd Kart : 🤍 ➥Gimbal : 🤍 Multimedya Sistemim : 🤍 ➥Televizyon : 🤍 ➥Tv Box : Hiremco Enjoy+ ➥Blu-ray Sinema Sistemi : 🤍 ➥Air Kumanda : 🤍 ➥Gamepad : 🤍 ➥Telefon : 🤍

Godox MoveLink M2 review - Best wireless Mic for Youtube Videos


Are you a filmmaker or content creator searching for top-notch audio in your productions? Look no further than the Godox MoveLink M2 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone System - the perfect solution for your on-the-go shooting needs. With its modern noise-canceling technology, you can catch every last detail of your desired audio, even amidst a noisy atmosphere. Additionally, the MoveLink II features to-the-point displays, letting you quickly pair the system, mute, adjust volume, and more. Plus, the dual-channel system means that you won't have to compromise, with the ability to recording two audio tracks for better post-processing. What impresses even more is the ease and portability factor of this system. The lithium-ion battery keeps you free from interruptions while working, with the transmitter running for 10 hours and the receiver for 8 hours after a single charge. And it is incredibly transportable with a smartphone-sized charging case that makes it easier to carry two transmitters and one receiver all at once. Overall, the Godox MoveLink M2 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone System, available at Rs. 19,000 in India, is an affordable and high-quality investment that will significantly enhance your production's audio quality. #microphone #wirelessmic Follow Me on Full Links here - 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Telegram : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 (c) Gogi Tech | Like | Share | Subscribe

#Godox Movelink M2 / Lt Rx Microfoni Wireless Bombaaaa!


Oggi vi parlo dei migliori mocrofoni wireless che io ad dia mai provato! Qualità eccellente! Seguitemi su Instagram 🤍

Godox MoveLink M2 Wireless Mic System Review (vs Rode Wireless Go, Hollyland Lark150)


Today, I have the Godox MoveLink M2 in the Audio Hotline Studio! This is a bit of a lengthy video, there are just a lot of parts and features when it comes to a wireless system like this, but feel free to navigate through it with the timestamps. As you know, I usually include blind comparison, and this video is no different in that sense. Today I compare the sound of these setups: Rode Wireless Go Hollyland Lark150 Godox MoveLink M2 (obviously) I do not compare a ton of features with these setups, however I do briefly mention some key features/differences. I do have a full review of the Hollyland Lark150, if you would like to check that out here: 🤍 Be sure to check out the testing and audio samples and see if this is right for you! Every person has different expectations of audio gear. If the features are what you need, and you like the sound, then it is right for you! Thanks for watching the Audio Hotline! I'll see you Audio Nerds next time! =TIMESTAMPS= Video Introduction: 0:00 - 2:25 Interview Style Test & Benefits (intro continued): 2:25 - 4:02 What comes with the Movelink M2?: 4:02 - 4:43 Differen Movelink Configurations Available: 4:43 - 5:10 My Opinion on accessories: 5:10 - 5:55 Godox Movelink M2 Specs: 5:55 - 7:10 Movelink M2 Features and Tutorial: 7:10 - 10:23 One way I love to use the Movelink M2: 10:23 - 10:55 Mono VS Stereo Mode feature: 10:55 - 11:43 Microphone Tests Introduction: 11:43 - 12:03 TESTS Proximity Effect Tests: 12:03 - 12:18 Plosive Tests: 12:18 - 12:44 Noise rejection / polar pattern test: 12:44 - 13:14 Mic Distance Tests: 13:14 - 13:27 Wireless Range / Distance Test: 13:27 - 14:36 Wind Rejection Test: 14:36 - 14:50 iPhone Audio Quality Test: 14:50 - 15:05 Kitty Purr Test (ft kitty proximity test too): 15:05 - 15:28 Blind Comparison Intro: 15:28 - 16:14 Blind Comparison (Rode vs Godox vs Hollyland): 16:14 - 18:08 Blind Comparison REVEALED!: 18:08 - 18:34 My Review / My Opinion Introduction: 18:34 - 18:50 Newly Released Rode Wireless Go II Talk: 18:50 - 20:14 Blind Comparison Opinion: 20:14 - 21:35 Back to my Planned Review / Opinion: 21:35 - 22:21 Issue with Movelink and External Recorders: 22:21 - 23:27 Some Good and Bad of the Movelink M2: 23:27 - 26:23 My Grade for the Godox Movelink M2: 26:23 - 26:28 Thanks for Watching!: 26:28 - 27:22 PRODUCTS IN REVIEW Affiliate Links Below Godox Movelink M2 Links: B&H: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 Godox Handheld Interview Stick Thing: Amazon: 🤍 Rode Wireless Go II Links: B&H: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 (SINGLE Tranmitter) B&H: 🤍 Hollyland Lark150 Links: B&H: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 *ANOTHER OPTION* Deity Pocket Wireless Links: B&H: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 Audio Hotline Info Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Website: audiohotlinegear.com E-Mail: audiohotline🤍gmail.com Instagram: instagram.com/audiohotline MERCH: teespring.com/stores/audiohotline GEAR I USE TO MAKE MY VIDEOS (w/ affiliate links): VIDEO Canon EOS R5: Amazon: 🤍 B&H: 🤍 Sigma EF 20mm f/1.4: Amazon: 🤍 B&H: 🤍 Sigma EF 50mm f/1.4: Amazon: 🤍 B&H: 🤍 Sigma EF 24mm f/1.4: Amazon: 🤍 B&H:🤍 Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 L (MACRO): Amazon: 🤍 B&H: 🤍 Atomos Ninja V: Amazon: 🤍 B&H: 🤍 Godox UL150 Video Light: Amazon: 🤍 B&H: 🤍 Aputure Light Dome II: Amazon: 🤍 B&H: 🤍 Manfrotto Tripod: Amazon: 🤍 B&H: 🤍 AUDIO Hercules Mic Stand: Amazon: 🤍 B&H: 🤍 Zoom F6: Amazon: 🤍 B&H: 🤍 Zoom H6: Amazon: 🤍 B&H: 🤍 Zoom H5: Amazon: 🤍 B&H: 🤍 Apollo Twin Quad: Amazon: 🤍 B&H: 🤍 Mogami XLR: Amazon: 🤍 B&H: 🤍 Monoprice XLR (Cheaper XLR Alternative): Amazon: 🤍

Best Budget Lav Mic Updated - Godox Movelink II M2


Join me as I review the Godox Movelink II M2 lavalier microphone. Experience improved audio quality for all your content creation needs. #GodoxMovelinkII #LavalierMicrophone #AudioQuality #ContentCreation #YouTubeReview #godox Links to where I get all my gear: Website: 🤍doss.co.id Tokopedia: 🤍 Highlights Intro (0:00) What's New? (0:09) What You Get In The Box (0:59) How Does It Sound Like (3:43) Mic Placement Tips (4:08)

Wireless Microphone in BUDGET | Godox Movelink Mini Review


Godox Movelink Mini, wireless microphone for smartphone: 🤍 CONNECT ON INSTAGRAM: 🤍 Music for Videos: 🤍 GEARS I USE: Canon EOS R5: 🤍 Canon EOS R6: 🤍 Canon RF 70-200mm f/2.8: 🤍 Canon RF 15-35mm f/2.8: 🤍 Canon RF 35mm f/1.8: 🤍 Insta360 ONE X2: 🤍 Manfrotto Manhattan Mover 50: 🤍 Manfrotto Befree Tripod: 🤍 Joby Beamo light: 🤍 LIGHTING FOR YOUTUBE : Aputure: 🤍 (use KUNAL10 for exclusive 10% discount) Godox SL60W Video Light: 🤍 RODE Wireless GO Mic: 🤍 Skyvik Mobile Lenses: 🤍 = Facebook Group: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 BLOG: 🤍 Email: kunal.malhotra2604🤍gmail.com

Fiyat Performans Canavarı Godox MoveLink M2 Kablosuz Yaka Mikrofonu Test


Fiyat performans anlamında çok iyi bir yerde duran Godox MoveLink M2 kablosuz yaka mikrofonu test videosuyla sizlerleyim. #Godox #Movelink M2 #mikrofon setinde iki adet mikrofon bulunuyor ve 50m mesafeden çalışabiliyor. Ses kalitesi ve zengin kutu içeriği videoda... Detaylar ve satın almak için: 🤍 Merhaba. Kanalımda fotoğraf teknoloji ve doğa içerikli videolar yayınlıyorum. Fotoğrafçılığın temelleri, fotoğraf eğitimleri, kamera ayarları ve ekipman testleri yapıyorum. Nasıl yapılır tarzı videolar üretiyorum. Teknoloji ile ilgili inceleme, test ve yeni gelişmeleri paylaşıyorum. Hayatımızı kolaylaştıran teknolojileri ve bunların etkilerini konuşuyoruz. Ürünler inceliyoruz. Doğa ve yaban hayat içerikleri de bu kanalda sizlerle oluyor. Özellikle kamp, doğada kalmak, çadır kurmak, güvenlik ve hayvanlardan korunmak. Yaban hayat çekimleri, kuş fotoğrafçılığı ve özellikle ülkemizde çok zor görülen yabani hayvanların fotoğraf ve videolarını paylaşıyorum. Yaban hayat fotoğrafçısı ve belgesel içerik üreticisi olarak sizlere Fotoğraf Teknoloji ve Doğa üçgeninde içerikler paylaşacağım. Takipte kalmak ve bu içerikleri kaçırmamak için kanalıma abone olun... Kanalım: 🤍 Web: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

GODOX MOVELINK M2 PORTUGUES #emportugues #review


Tive que experimentar esses microfones sem fio da Godox M2 e decidi fazer um vídeo, este não é um vídeo específico, é apenas um show rápido e dicas. Os microfones funcionam de forma incrível para criadores de conteúdo de todos os tipos. Link do GODOX MOVELINK2 🤍 Equipamentos: SONY 6500 CANON R LENTES: 50MM CANON 1.4 35MM SIGMA 1.4 16MM SIGMA 1.4 INSTAGRAM: 🤍

GODOX MoveLink M2 RØDE killer - Test sul campo


Si tratta davvero di un'alternativa valida ai RØDE Wireless GO II ? Scopriamolo insieme in questa recensione completa di prova sul campo e range test. 💰 Godox MoveLink M2: 🤍 💰 Godox MoveLink M1: 🤍 💰 Godox MoveLink UC2: 🤍 💰 Godox MoveLink UC1: 🤍 💰 Godox ML-H: 🤍 💰 Godox LMS-12 AXL: 🤍 💰 RØDE Lavalier GO: 🤍 💰 RØDE Wireless GO II: 🤍 💰 RØDE Wireless GO: 🤍 🎦 COLOR LIKE PRO: 🤍 SEGUIMI ANCHE QUI 👉 Facebook: 🤍 👉 Instagram: 🤍 👉 My website: 🤍 📸 Scuola per Creators: 🤍 📸 🎼 Musica: Epidemic Sound 🎼 #godox #MoveLink #rodekiller

Godox MoveLink M2 wireless microphone, better than Rode!


The rode microphone is double the cost of the Godox MoveLink M2 and still the Godox microphone performs better than the Rode microphone. The wireless microphone from Godox performs really well, I have compared the audio quality from my other microphones in this video. So listen for yourself and decide which one sounds better. Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): 🤍 License code: 6PXBF98A7S5ZXGMA WATCH NEXT: • What is a perfect camera? My story about buying the perfect camera - 🤍 • The best alternative to apple pencil; that works! - 🤍 • How to make Youtube videos with your phone - 🤍 • All you need to know about Cinematic Mode in iPhone 13 - 🤍 • Digitek DCL 150W Continuous Video Light Unboxing and Review - 🤍 BE MY FRIEND: 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Twitter - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 If you enjoyed 👌 watching the video show your appreciation👏 by, hitting the LIKE 👍 button, SHARE 🗣 it with your friends, and if you have any comments ✍️✍️✍️✍️ put down in the COMMENT section I will reply to all your queries and suggestions. Also, SUBSCRIBE ✅ the channel for more such relevant videos and press the BELL 🔔 icon to get notified about my videos 🎥🎥🎥🎥 as soon as I upload them. #GODOXMOVELINKM2 #WIRELESSMICROPHONE #GODOXWIRELESSMICROPHONE

This Budget Wireless Mic Set Is a Game Changer - Godox Movelink II M2 Review


Today I take a look at the Godox Movelink II M2 dual wireless mics that are actually really great. These mics come with everything you would ever need including, 2 lavalier mics, metal clips to connect the mics to your clothes with magnets and a plastic charging case that not only keeps them safe but also charges the mics. The size of these mics are nice and compact and Godox refers to them as their Choc mics becuase it is tiny and used to record that sweet audio. Amazon: Godox Movelink II M2: 🤍 South Africa: Godox Movelink II M2: 🤍 - MEMBERS ►► 🤍 INSTAGRAM ►► 🤍 TWITTER ►► 🤍 TWITCH ►► 🤍 DISCORD ►► 🤍 WISHLIST ►►🤍 - LINKS ►► Godox SA: Code: GodoxJacquesSnyman For 10% off 🤍 Get More views on your videos 🤍 YOUTUBE KIT ►► 🤍 LinkTree: 🤍 Stream Kits: 🤍 🤍 - MUSIC ►► Apple: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 YouTube Music: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Deezer: 🤍 Google Music: 🤍 - All item links are Amazon Associate links and with every purchase made using the links I will receive a percentage that helps support the channel. So thank you in advance for using the links. Thanks For Watching!



Godox ha lanzado unos micrófonos inalámbricos que en mi opinión, junto a sus accesorios, son el complemento ideal para los creadores de contenido. Se trata de los Movelink M2 -MICRÓFONOS GODOX: 🤍 -ADAPTADOR TIPO USB-C: 🤍 -ADAPTADOR APPLE: 🤍 🎊Pon el cupón GABELLIFTK en tu compra de fotok y llévate un regalito 🎁 *DESCARGATE GRATIS UNA LECCIÓN DE MIS CURSOS DE FOTOGRAFÍA* -CLIC AQUÍ PARA DESCARGA: 🤍 CURSOS ONLINE DE FOTOGRAFÍA 📸: ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 🤍 -PODCAST Ruben Gabelli: 🤍 🤍rubengabelli.com Correo comercial: info🤍rubengabelli.com - Te detallo mi equipo audiovisual, evidentemente no todo ya que no pongo ni baterías, ni accesorios pequeños, soportes, etc., os adjunto lo más importante ✅SI COMPRAS EQUIPO A TRAVÉS DE ESTE ENLACE EN FOTOK O LOS DE AMAZON QUE ESTÁN A CONTINUACIÓN, ESTARÁS COLABORANDO CON EL CANAL Y POR SUPUESTO, TE ESTARÉ ETERNAMENTE AGRADECIDO.🙏 // ENLACE FOTOK: 🤍 CÁMARAS: -Olympus Om-D E-M1 Mark III=🤍 / 🤍 -Olympus Om-D E-M1X=🤍 / 🤍 -Olympus Om-D E-M10 Mark IV=🤍 / 🤍 -Dron Beebop 2= 🤍 OBJETIVOS: -Olympus Zuiko 25mm 1.2 Pro=🤍 / 🤍 -Olympus Zuiko 17mm 1.2 Pro=🤍 / 🤍 -Olympus Zuiko 45mm 1.2 Pro=🤍 / 🤍 -Olympus Zuiko 60mm Macro 2.8=🤍 / 🤍 -Olympus Zuiko 12-40 f/2.8 Pro=🤍 / 🤍 -Olympus Zuiko 40-150 f/2.8 Pro=🤍 / 🤍 -Olympus Zuiko 25 1.8 Plata=🤍 / 🤍 -Olympus Zuiko 7-14 f/2.8 Pro=🤍 / 🤍 TRÍPODE, FLASH, ACCESORIOS VARIOS: -Manfrotto 190 XPro con rótula de bola=🤍 / 🤍 -Manfrotto Rótula fluída para trípode=🤍 / 🤍 -Monitor Neewer 7”=🤍 -Monitor grabador Atomos Ninja V =🤍 🤍 -Jaula Rig sistema de Filmación Neewer=🤍 -FeiyuTech AK2000C=🤍 -Flash Godox V1=🤍 / 🤍 -Flash para Godox V860III-O=🤍 -Godox SK400II Profesional 400ws=🤍 / 🤍 -Godox Qt 600II=🤍 / 🤍 -Godox Ms300=🤍 / 🤍 -Godox ad100 Pro=🤍 / 🤍 -Godox ad200 Pro=🤍 / 🤍 -Godox ad300 Pro=🤍 / 🤍 -Disparador para Olympus Godox XPro=🤍 -Ventana 80x80 Godox con montura Bowens=🤍 -Micrófonos inalámbricos Lensgo 348C=🤍 🤍 -Micrófono para Streaming Lensgo kd96=🤍 🤍 -Grabadora Zoom H1=🤍 / 🤍 -Mochila fotográfica grande=🤍 -Mochila fotográfica pequeña=🤍

Godox MoveLink M2 Review (index scenes) And Pro Audio Tips!


This review of the Godox MoveLink M2 is straight to the point, have a wealth of information, beyond the item itself, also sometimes a mix of tutorials regarding lighting, audio etc, EVEN some filmmaking workshops related to audio, video and more, mixed with the reviews themselves. I appreciate your help and support, which will help me making more content like this. It will not cost you anything extra, I just make a small commission. Disclaimer: This review and its content was not reviewed, subject to any approvals or paid for by outside persons or manufacturers. I wasn't paid to say anything, nothing scripted, or controlled. [I received this product in exchange for my honest review]. I'm a participant in the BH Affiliate Program and Amazon Affiliate Program. Links here below are affiliate links and won't cost you anything extra, but I will receive a small commission if you use them to make a purchase. Links from BH and Amazon (thank you for your support using my links( Godox MoveLink M2 (BH) 🤍 Godox MoveLink M2 (Amazon) 🤍 Godox MoveLink M1 (BH) 🤍 Godox MoveLink M1 (Amazon) 🤍 Godox LMD-40C Dual Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone (BH) 🤍 Godox LMD-40C (Amazon) 🤍 Godox LMS-60G Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone with Adjustable Gain (BH) 🤍 Godox LMS-60G (Amazon) 🤍 00:00 Intro 00:31 Unboxing 2:17 The CASE 3:39 The magnets 7:04 INSIDE the M2 (settings) 11:36 RAW and processed audio from the LAV mic / monitoring audio / calibrating ANY transmitter or receiver (audio from the M2) 16:02 How to properly speak on a LAV mic and things to avoid (audio from the M2) 19:26 Using the MoveLink M2 as STEREO and MONO (the differences) 21:14 The 3:1 Rule... and PHASING ISSUES (any mic) HUGE thing in pro audio you SHOULD know if you don't know yet. You know sometimes when your audio sounds tinny and something doesn’t sound normal? Well, that’s because your audio is out of phase! And It gets worse! If the sound waves on your timeline are exactly lined up as OPPOSITE, you won’ even hear anything AT ALL, (EVEN If there is audio data) until you “flip” the phase of one of the channels! 25:01 Using the MoveLink with an iPhone 27:57 Outdoor tests and RANGE 32:54 Godox LMS-60G Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone with Adjustable Gain 37:01 Godox LMD-40C Dual Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone This video demonstrates every possible thing you want to know about this product along with tutorials, the entire manual and tips.. It's so full of information that you don't need to go watch anything else elsewhere. 🔔Be sure to SUBSCRIBE! YOUR help by subscribing to this channel helping it grow is highly appreciated. Please like, comment and subscribe. We LOVE comments!!!

Godox MovieLink M2: ¿mejor que los Rode Wireless Go y DJI Mic?


He probado la solución de microfonía inalámbrica de Godox tanto para dispositivos móviles como cámaras, los MoveLink M2. Una opción interesante por precio, pero ¿son mejores que los populares Rode Wireless Go o los nuevos DJI Mic? ¿Te ha gustado? Puedes comprarlo AQUÍ: 🤍 ¡SÍGUENOS en nuestras redes sociales! 📘🤍ok/eloutput 🐦 🤍 📷 🤍 🎤 🤍 🕹️ 🤍

Godox: Meet the #MoveLink


#Godox #movelink is a compact and easy-to-operate 2.4GHz wireless microphone system providing professional audio quality. With built-in condenser mic, mono/stereo mode option, adjustable gain setting, universal compatibility and optional accessories, it is perfect for vlogger, YouTuber, speakers, interviewer, filmmaker and other content creators. Learn more at:🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Creative Team: Credit: 🤍MAURO'S FILMS

GoDox MoveLink M2 MARK II Wireless Mic System Review! Incredible!!


GoDox MoveLink M2 MARK II Wireless Mic System Review! Incredible!! #godox #movelink #wirelessmic Link to buy here 🤍 Join this channel and become a member to get access to perks: 🤍 Subscribe to my other Channel here! SlangCast!! LiveStreams and PodCasts! 🤍 Check out my New Podcasts on Anchor, Spotify and iTunes! 🤍 Check out my Amazon Storefront for some of my favorite Tech! 🤍 Starting a YouTube channel?? Get this app now for the best tools to help you grow and succeed on YouTube!! 🤍 Hit me up on social media!! Instagram 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Twitter 🤍 My Camera Gear!! Main Camera 🤍 Second Camera 🤍 Backup Camera 🤍 Lenses for main Camera 🤍 🤍 Lenses for second camera 🤍 🤍 Camera Gear old kit but still fantastic! 🤍 Email for Business Collaborations digitalslang🤍yahoo.com As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases.



Godox Movelink II M2 (ВТОРОЕ ПОКОЛЕНИЕ) беспроводной микрофон обзор и сравнение с Rode Wireless Go Godox Movelink II M2 - это второе поколение очень популярной системы беспроводных микрофонов Godox Movelink M2. Godox Movelink II M2 получил улучшенную работчую дистанцию - 100 метров (в первой версии Godox Movelink M2 была 50 метров), Godox Movelink II M2 также получил два дополнительных часа при работе от аккумулятора и пару минорных обновлений, зато цена осталась прежней - 199$ или 10 000р на Алиэкспресс! Комплект у Godox Movelink II M2 очень богатый, включает в себя два передатчика и один приёмник, два отличных петличных микрофона, все кабели, которые вам когда-либо смогут понадобиться, в том числе и для работы со смартфонами, две ветрозащиты, магниты, зарядный кейс, который можно через один кабель зарядить всю систему Godox Movelink II M2. В этом видео мы проведем сравнение Godox Movelink II M2 vs Rode Wireless Go на улице и в помещении and indoors, Godox Movelink II M2 комплектная пелтичка в связке с Godox Movelink II M2 и Rode wireless go, а также сравнение с петличкой Arimic, Godox Movelink II M2 тест функции встроенного шумоподавления, Godox Movelink II M2 тест рабочей дистанции vs Rode Wireless Go, как Godox Movelink II M2 работает с iPhone, большой двухчасовой тест записи с мониторингом звука, чтобы выявить обрывы сигнала и даже больше! Приятного просмотра - Godox Movelink II M2 обзор и сравнение с Rode Wireless Go. Купить Godox Movelink II M2 на AliExpress - 🤍 Официальный сайт Godox - 🤍 НЕЙРОСЕТЬ Adobe Podcast Enhance Speech ТЕСТ и Сравнение с Профессиональной Техникой - 🤍 Петличка AriMic обзор - 🤍 DJI Mic обзор и сравнение с Rode wireless Go и Sennheiser G3 - 🤍 00:00 - Godox Movelink II M2 vs Movelink M2 1st gen 00:49 - Что в комплекте у Godox Movelink II M2 02:00 - TX и RX обзор и функции 03:16 - Функция встроенного шумоподавления 03:38 - Тест встроенного микрофона Godox vs Rode (на улице) 04:11 - Godox комплектная петличка на Godox и Rode (+Arimic lav mic) 05:02 - Двухчасовой тест записи с проверкой обрывов сигнала 05:26 - Тест микрофонов в помещении при записи на iPhone 06:14 - Godox Movelink II M2 тест дистанции от 1 до 100 метров vs Rode Wireless Go 08:42 - Цена, конкурентны, выводы #godoxmovelinkiim2 #godox #Godoxmovelinkm2 Ссылка на Телеграм-канал - 🤍 Также вы можете смотреть мои ролики на втором канале на английском языке. Приглашаю вас улучшать свой английский вместе со мной! 🤍 Вы можете связаться со мной через Инстаграм 🤍 🤍 Мой сайт 🤍 🤍 Также я создал онлайн-курс по съемке и монтажу вкусных роликов на смартфон 🤍

5 лайфхаков со звуком на примере Godox Movelink M2


Видео о неочевидных сценарях использования радиопетличной системы, которые могут упростить работу со звуком для видео, или добавят вам возможностей.

Godox Movelink Version II M2 Vs Godox Movelink M2


The Godox Movelink II wireless microphone system has just been released as a long term owner of the Original Godox MoveLink M2 decided to test out whether the published improvement in range and quality was accurate. If you're ordering online make sure you're getting V2 here is a link to the Amazon supplier I got my version 2 from. 🤍 Affiliate Links If I can I'll use an affiliate link above for any products featured in videos - the affiliate links I use will never increase the price you pay they just earn the channel a small commission for referring you to the product. For Enquiries; John J Bloomfield Photographer YT🤍johnjbloomfield.co.uk B16 Houghton Business Centre, Lake Road, Houghton le Spring. DH5 8BJ 🤍johnjbloomfield.co.uk

Master Your Sound With The Godox Movelink M2


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