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Lanzhou, Gansu.China. 兰州 Ланьчжоу (3800000)


Is the capital and largest city of Gansu province in northwest China. Lanzhou is also ranked among the 100 largest cities in the world by scientific research, according to the Nature Index according to the Nature Index 2020 Science Cities.

Dad tried LANZHOU BEEF NOODLES!!! He will never be the same....


For a limited time, use this link to get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: 🤍 Originating in China's Gansu province, Lanzhou Beef noodles are one of the most complex recipes in Chinese cuisine! But the hard work pays off - this is a freaking yummy noodle. Restaurant name: 1915 Lanzhou Beef Noodles Burwood Address: 168A Burwood Rd, Burwood NSW 2134 What we ordered: - 兰州牛肉面 Lanzhou Beef Noodles Would love it if you supported me on Patreon! Come join the Blondie gang! 🤍 Who else is using a VPN these days to access Netflix libraries from different countries? Such a life hack! I've always used Express VPN (click here for 3 months free when you purchase the annual plan): 🤍 The music I use in my videos: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram 🤍blondieinchina 🤍 Big thanks to Hummguide for the restaurant recommendation, as well as a few clips of B-roll I included in this video!! If you're in Sydney and want some ideas where to go, visit Hummguide on instagram 🤍hummguide This video was sponsored by Skillshare. xxxxx

Documentary: Muslims in Lanzhou, China


This is a crowdfunded mini-documentary that captures various angles of the life of Muslims in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, China. Sincere gratitude to all the brothers and sisters from all over the world for their support and contributions. If you want to support future projects about Chinese Muslims and da'wah in China, you can: 1. Become a member of the channel by clicking the "join" button (🤍 or become a patreon of my patreon page: 🤍 2. Donate through paypal: 🤍 3. Offer your skills (video-editing, graphic design, etc.) and collaborate with me. You can contact me through instagram/facebook page/email

Aerial China:God's perspective overlooking Lanzhou City!


Lanzhou, abbreviated as "Lan" or "Gao", was called Jincheng in ancient times. It is the provincial capital and political, cultural, economic, and scientific and educational center of Gansu Province, and an important central city in the western region. It is the provincial capital of Gansu Province approved by the State Council and an important industrial base in the Northwest region. Comprehensive transportation hub, one of the important central cities in the western region, and an important node city in the Silk Road Economic Belt. As of July 2020, the city has jurisdiction over 5 districts, 3 counties, and 3 national-level development zones, with a total area of ​​13,100 square kilometers and a permanent population of 4.134 million. Lanzhou is located in northwestern China, the geometric center of the continental territory of China, and the central part of Gansu Province. It is a strategic platform for the country to open to the west, an important engine for the development of the western region, a scientific development demonstration area in the northwest, and a historical city of the Yellow River. , A modern central city with international influence in the western region, a modern and international metropolis facing the "One Belt One Road" and radiating Central Asia, West Asia and South Asia. Lanzhou has a history of more than 2,200 years since it was established as a county in the Qin Dynasty. Since ancient times, it has been a transportation hub and a military fortress that "connects four regions and ten thousand miles of belts". Lanzhou has benefited from the Silk Road and has become an important transportation artery and a commercial town. Later, it became one of the earliest cities in China to accept modern industrial civilization. After the founding of New China, it was identified as one of the key industrial bases to be constructed by the state, becoming an important national petrochemical base, biopharmaceutical base and equipment manufacturing base. In 2012, the Lanzhou New District, the first state-level new district in the northwest, was approved, and Lanzhou became a frontier position and an important gateway for the country to open to the west. On August 28, 2012, the State Council approved the establishment of Lanzhou New District, the first in Northwest China and the fifth national-level new district in China. It is clearly stated that the construction of the Lanzhou New District shall be an important measure for the in-depth implementation of the western development strategy, and that Lanzhou will be developed into a modern metropolis in the northwestern region in 2020

Lanzhou - hlavní město čínských nudlí


Krátký výlet do Lanzhou v provincii Gansu na severozápadě Číny, odkud pochází tradiční čínské nudle. Nebude chybět ani prohlídka zajímavých zákoutí města, které leží na slavné Žluté řece.

Lanzhou 4K POV - Downtown Walk - Gansu - China 中国甘肃兰州漫步视频/前面展望


Lanzhou (Chinese: 兰州) is the capital and largest city of Gansu Province in Northwest China. Located on the banks of the Yellow River, it is a key regional transportation hub, connecting areas further west by rail to the eastern half of the country. Historically, it has been a major link on the Northern Silk Road and it stands to become a major hub on the New Eurasian Land Bridge. The city is also a center for heavy industry and petrochemical industry. Lanzhou is home to 3,616,163 inhabitants at the 2010 census and 2,177,130 in the built-up area (urban) of 1,088 square kilometres (420 sq mi).By 2018, its population within the central urban area of 298 square kilometres (115 sq mi) rose to 2,890,000 people. 🤍

【Lanzhou | China】Best Travel Guide | Travel In China & Meet President Xi JinPing


Hey everyone, Welcome to the My Movie Travel YouTube channel. Throughout this documentary video, you will know about the amazing Chinese culture and the best way to travel at Lanzhou in China. Lanzhou city as capital of Gansu province it used to be just a transit area, but nowadays Lanzhou has a lot of touristic attractions and beautiful sightseeing. As city landmarks there is the Zhongshan bridge, the white pagoda hill, waterwheel park, the water mosque, the mother yellow river sculpture and several temples spread all around the city. As food marks you can't miss the Lanzhou beef noodles and the "San Pao Tai" tea. All those and other city adventures we experienced gather together in this amazing episode - This is Lanzhou with Lion on the Road! #lanzhou #china #travelguide Are you planning a trip to China? then watch the full video and playlist - 🤍 There are quite a few things to consider as you plan a trip abroad, but with China – as with any country – there are specific tips and tricks that can help you along the way. I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned from traveling all across China. I hope this can help you feel more prepared and less nervous! how to travel in china,China travel documentary,travel in china,china vlog,discover real china,chinese culture,travel china,travel vlogger,vlog in china,狮子在路上,hitchhiking,trip in china,china food,china travels,my movie travel,Travel Video,chinese culture,Best Places to Visit in China,Amazing travel in China,hitchhike on Chinese,Travel in China,Chinese Places,Amazing Places,Amazing China,how to hitchhike on china,travel,beautiful places in china,china travel,china travel vlog,中国旅行小贴士,中国之旅,中国,中国旅行,china travel blog,tips for traveling to china on business,what to know about traveling to china,travel to china checklist,is it safe to travel to china,10 things you need to know about china,what should i know about traveling to china,things you need for traveling to china

Beijing Street Food - Lanzhou Beef Hand Pulled Noodles


Lanzhou, China style hand-pulled beef noodles in broth topped with hot chili oil and spring onions.

LANZHOU: The Most Musilm-Friendly City In CHINA


LANZHOU: The Most Musilm-Friendly City In CHINA About: Lanzhou is the capital city of northwest China's Gansu province. The Waterwheel Expo Garden and Yellow River Mother Sculpture are on the south bank of the Yellow River. The Gansu Provincial Museum displays artifacts from the area’s Silk Road past. Wuquanshan Park has a relaxed vibe and ancient temples. Across the Zhongshan Bridge, the White Pagoda sits atop a mountain in Baitashan Park. #Lanzhou #lanzhouin4k #lanzhou4k #lanzhoumuslim #muslimfriendlycityinchina ► Subscribe Now: Contact with us: Email: mchinese83🤍 And make sure you subscribe to my channel for more YouTube growth videos! Watch My Other Videos: 4K WUXI: An Ancient Modern City | NIANHUA BAY Link: 🤍 4K China: ChongQing Link: 🤍 4K Drone Footage of KUNMING, China Link: 🤍 Nanjing From Above | 4K Drone Footage Link: 🤍 Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley Of Technology | City of The Future | Fifth Most Populous City In China Link: 🤍 Top 5 Megacities In China 2022 Link: 🤍 XINJIANG Amazing Beautiful Nature | A Heaven On Earth | Switzerland Of China Link: 🤍 Music Credit: Track: Turkey — Amine Maxwell [Audio Library Release] Music provided by Audio Library Plus Watch: 🤍 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 ➤ || DON'T FORGET TO || ➤ ✅ Like ✅ Comment | ✅ Share | ✅ Subscribe * ANTI-PIRACY WARNING * This content is Copyright to Mr.Chinese. Any unauthorized reproduction, redistribution or re-upload is strictly prohibited of this material. Legal action will be taken against those who violate the copyright of the following material presented! All Rights Reserved for Mr.Chinese©

黄河之滨,金城兰州,围绕兰州城行驶,看看这个城市到底有多长?|The coast of the Yellow River, the golden city of Lanzhou.|4K


兰州自秦朝以来,已有两千多年的建城史,自古就是“联络四域、襟带万里”的交通枢纽和军事要塞,以“金城汤池”之意命名金城,素有“黄河明珠”的美誉。兰州得益于丝绸之路,成为重要的交通要道、商埠重镇。后成为中国最早接受近代工业文明的城市之一,新中国成立后被国家确定为重点建设的工业基地之一,成为国家重要的石油化工、生物制药和装备制造基地。 我的其他视频: 漫步视频🤍 HDR视频🤍 驾车视频🤍 中国乡村之旅🤍 如果您喜欢这个视频,请点👍并订阅频道,我将带来更多精彩的视频 If you like this video, please click 👍 and subscribe to the channel, I will bring more wonderful videos

LANZHOU, Gansu, China. - Rivers, parks, food and history!


Gansu from South to North (part 5) From the grasslands of southern Gansu I arrive in the provincial capital of Lanzhou. My Gansu silk road journey begins here! Take a look at The Yellow River, White Pagoda Park, some great food and night markets and of course a little bit of history. I hope you enjoy the video as much as i enjoyed my time in Lanzhou - great city that I will definitely visit again.

HANDPULLED BEEF NOODLES at 1915 Lanzhou Halal Chinese | Must Try Food in Sydney Vlog Review Mukbang


We've eaten heaps of noodles recently on the channel, so how could we not feature one of the best noodle soups you can find in Sydney! Lanzhou Beef Noodles are noodles from the North-West region of China. They're hand-pulled fresh to order, and then placed in a delicious clear but flavourful beef broth. In today's video, we try one of my favourite Lanzhou beef noodles in Sydney. They also do these spectacular fried lamb ribs seasoned with cumin and spices which are absolutely delicious! Location: 1915 Lanzhou Beef Noodles, Parramatta (Locations in Burwood (my favourite), Sydney CBD, Hurstville and Melbourne too) Thank you so much for subscribing to the channel! 👇 🤍 Please help a brother out by hitting that like button 👍 for me and sharing the video if you enjoyed watching! Find MORE food content on my other social media: instagram | 🤍 tiktok | 🤍🤍sydneyfoodboy Watch my food tour videos: Sydney Chinatown Food Tour | 🤍 Cabramatta Cheap Eats Tour part 1 | 🤍 Cabramatta Cheap Eats Tour part 2 | 🤍 Burwood Cheap Eats Tour | 🤍 Fairfield Cheap Eats Tour | 🤍 Marrickville Vietnamese Food Tour | 🤍 Best Banh Mi in Sydney Series | 🤍 Videography by: Brian Nguyen | 🤍 Music used: ♪ epidemic sounds ♪ ukiyo - drift | 🤍 🤍 ♪ chokolatez - ribbon instrumental | 🤍

The most famous hand pulled noodles in Lanzhou-China | 2021 | 在兰州吃拉面 | 4k | 美月 Mahzaib vlogs(31)


I am here in Lanzhou, a city in Western China.! It's 1500 kilometers from Beijing。 Delicious food and beautiful streets 🤍The Food Ranger #2021#Pakistani#China vlog I Hope u guy's like it ❤ And if anything u wanna know about China , leave a comment!! Youtube: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

2023兰州市容 China LanZhou


看看兰州长什么样子📌 Click Here to Donate Now - 🤍

Low Wormwood - Lanzhou Lanzhou


I Go to LANZHOU BEEF NOODLE School (Making the BEST noodles in China) / 英国小哥兰州学拉面 最后拉出黑暗料理?!


想吃二细还是宽面?司徒独创一碗全有! Lanzhou City in Gansu province is the birthplace of one of China’s tastiest noodle dishes, Lanzhou beef soup noodles. I decided to enroll at a school providing free tuition to those seeking a better future via the art of noodle-making. As with most of my videos where I try something new, I was predictably quite rubbish at making noodles that looked good. However, they tasted BRILLIANT! If you like this video PLEASE SUBSCRIBE and don't forget to leave me a message. No need to tell me that my noodles look bad... I already know! Stay safe everyone and look after one another.



Lan Zhou beef hand pulled noodles is a dish that originated in Lan Zhou China, and consists of a light aromatic broth, beef slices, radish, and of course hand pulled noodles (and optional chilli oil!). Not many people could make this recipe because both the broth and the noodles are hard to make, as well as both being well-kept secrets! But in this video, we are going to make the real, authentic Lan Zhou La Mian without cutting any corners. Hope you enjoy! Ingredients: white pepper 30g fennel 15g ginger 20g cinnamon 15g star anise 20g black pepper 25g cumin 15g cloves 7g 5 green onions 30g ginger lean beef Learn hand pulled noodles: 🤍 Music: Chinese - Background Music Royalty Free Instrumental Classical Guzheng Traditional Islamic Background Music & Arabic Music No Copyright - Oriental Music No Copyright Turkish

Lanzhou to Urumqi (Xinjiang) by fast train | China | 兰州 到 乌鲁木齐 在高铁| 新疆 |中国 | DrP&Q |


This video will give an overview of train journey. We have merged short clips to make this video. One of the best journey of train, sceneries are really beautiful. Recommended to travel by fast train to enjoy Greenland to Dessert and Mountains. It was 4 hours train really enjoyed and but on Urumqi train station security was too tight specially for foreigners checking your luggage and passport again and again. But this can be bearable to see the beauty of Urumqi (Urumqi is a capital of Xinjiang). We will always welcome suggestions from you. Please do consider to like share videos and subscribe our channel. We need you. #fasttrains #LanzhoutoUrumqi #china Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Video edited Software is Openshot

SECRETS & Techniques for Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles - REVEALED!


CHECK out 🤍 for recipes from West/Northwest China FOLLOW on instagram: 🤍 VISIT: 🤍 for Lanzhou hand pulled noodle classes in the US I'm feel fortunate to have backpacked throughout China for 6 months, where I apprenticed and trained at hand-pulled noodle shops in Lanzhou. I'm thrilled to share with you the fool-proof recipe and techniques that I've learned. In this video, you'll learn: 1. Ingredients and ratios SIMPLE RECIPE: - 500g flour (AP/bread flour) - 250g water - 5g salt - 5g penghui + 15g water 2. How to mix the dough for Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles 3. How to knead the noodle dough 4. How to properly pull Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles MUSIC: Secret Sauce ft. Cookin Soul by Jeff Kaale (🤍

Walk in a small town north west of China Lanzhou city 4K60 UHD FEB 2021


💬Introduction: Hi~ Nice to meet you here! Let's make a walk tour in the small town of north west in China which is about 100km away to Lanzhou city. The street market of the town is lively in days before Spring Festival, People come to the market to buy material for the festival. #Walking #streetview #chinacity 🗺Map: 🤍 📕 Chapter: 📷Learn more: City walking street view: 🤍 Village walking street view: 🤍 🔧This video was shot with the following tools: Camera: Panasonic GH5 Lens: Leica DG VARIO-ELMARIT Stabilizer: Zhiyun weebill s Drone: DJI Mavic air thanks for watching! If you like the video, please click "Like" and subscribe for more. see you later~ #travel #4k60 #tour

GLOBALink | China's Lanzhou City restores vibrant nightlife


As the weather turns warmer, China's Lanzhou City has restored its vibrant nightlife. Follow Xinhua's Wang Pengyu to a night market there to enjoy the bustle and hustle. #GLOBALink

Stage: Lu Han&R1SE-Zhang Yanqi&Low Wormwood - "Lanzhou, Lanzhou" | HAHAHAHAHA EP11 | 哈哈哈哈哈 | iQIYI


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Lanzhou downtown walk tour 4k60 UHD gansu province China travel 27th FEB 2021


I walked in Lanzhou downtown on 27th Feb 2021. Lanzhou is the capital of Gansu province of China. Chinese mark Lanzhou as the hometown of Beaf Noodle. It's downtown manly includes XiGuan Cross and ZhangYe Road. 🗺Map: 🤍 Chapter: 00:00 Brief 00:28 Yat-Sen Road 05:36 XiGuan Cross 13:02 ZhangYe Road 🔧This video was shot with the following tools: Camera: Panasonic GH5 Lens: Leica DG VARIO-ELMARIT Stabilizer: Zhiyun weebill s thanks for watching! If you like the video, please click "Like" and subscribe for more. see you later~ #travel #4k60 #tour



the beauty of Lanzhou city and the surrounding areas with some of the best footage of this year watch more: 🤍 film by me😁

The Best Lan Zhou Noodles in Montreal - Viva Frei Food Vlog


Coming out of court a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a restaurant in Montreal's Chinatown that had a wicked long line. After waiting for 15 minutes, I gave up, only to return a week later to give it a another try. Best Lan Zhou Noodles EVER!!! And absolute must if you're even in Montreal. Peace! Like, share & subscribe! And hit that notification bell! :) #LanZhouNoodles #VisitMontreal #MontrealMonday

Mom & Dad Eat LANZHOU BEEF NOODLES... Can't Get Enough! 英国爸妈吃兰州牛肉面 老爸大口吃面大碗喝汤,爽!


Proving that Lanzhou Beef Soup Noodles really are the no.1 noodle dish in China, my dad simply can't get enough. 英国爸妈吃兰州牛肉面 老爸大口吃面大碗喝汤,爽! 介绍:你们就说博步专业不专业!我真的没教他这么喝汤。别忘了留言告诉我你家乡有什么好吃的面条! So, this is the first time ever for my mom and dad to eat Lanzhou Beef Noodles. This dish is often referred to as 中华第一面 or the number one noodle dish in China, and I have to say, they are delicious. I even went to Noodle University in Lanzhou to study how to become a master in making the authentic hand pulled noodles: 🤍 The dish was created by the Hui ethnic group, but this Chinese muslim style dish is loved by everyone across the whole country. So, let's see whether Bobu and Han Meimei love it just as much as everyone in China does. If you like this video, please do HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON! It really helps. And don't forget to leave a message. Stay safe and look after one another. #chinesefood #noodles #lanzhou #兰州牛肉面 - MUSIC: All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. 🤍 Artist: 🤍 Tiki Bar Mixer by Kevin MacLeod Link: 🤍 License: 🤍

Welcome to Lanzhou University!


Hi there! Welcome to the official channel of Lanzhou University (LZU). Founded in 1909, LZU is a top-quality university of scholarship, teaching and research in Northwest China and a key member of “University Alliance of Belt & Road”. LZU ranked 97th globally and 16th among Chinese universities recognized by Nature Index. A total of 12 disciplines of LZU enter the top 1% of ESI, such as chemistry, earth science and plant zoology, among which the chemistry reaches the top 1‰. LZU has established academic cooperation with 189 universities or scientific institutions from 40 foreign countries around the world. By far, LZU has jointly established 3 Confucius institutes respectively with Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Georgia. Aiming to enhance talent cultivation, spur scientific innovation and social service, and boost international cooperation, we will stand on the threshold of the new era and continue to promote the Belt and Road. With the strategic conception of the Belt and Road, we offer international students a complete range of advantageous academic programs, covering two hundred disciplines from 28 schools at LZU. In 1981, the first international student enrolled in LZU, and so far, over 4000 international students from 65 countries and regions across 5 continents have become our students. In obedience to the LZU's motto "Constantly Improving, Blazing Our Own Path", we have formed a favorable environment for cultural exchanges and integration. Get familiar with us! Facebook: Study at LZU 🤍 Instagram: Study at LZU 🤍 YouTube: Study at LZU 🤍 #LZU #lanzhou #兰州大学 #lanzhouuniversity #admission #socialmedia #facebook #youtube #instagram #followus #studyatlzu #studyinChina

Travelled to Xi'an from Lanzhou on bullet train in China 🇨🇳


Travelled to Xi'an from Lanzhou on high speed train or bullet train in China 🇨🇳 | Best transportation system in the world | Labor day holidays in China | 五一假期 |我们回家 |兰州到西安| 爱中国

Lanzhou- Qiang Jin jiu


Lanzhou Beef Noodles | China Movie Channel ENGLISH | ENGSUB


Synopsis: Focusing on the most common ingredients that people come into contact with every day, season 1 - 'Noodles Rhapsody' carefully selected twelve kinds of noodles with different characteristics from twelve cities. Through "noodles are the most healing food in the world" to showcase the diverse food culture and rich regional culture of China. The twelve regions noodles are composed of Peking noodles, Hangzhou Pian Er Chuan, Wuhan dry noodles, Fujian Satay noodles, Guangzhou Wonton noodles, Shaanxi biangbiang noodles, Shanxi sliced noodles and so on. #NoodlesRhapsody #ChinaMovieChannelENGLISH #Chinesemovie 📢Watch more Chinese movies with English subtitles on China Movie Channel ENGLISH. 👉SUBSCRIBE China Movie Channel ENGLISH: 🤍 ★★★Welcome to Subscribe Movie Channel’s Other Official Channel★★★ ★The Official Chinese movies - CCTV6 China Movie Official Channel: 🤍 ★The hottest Chinese movies - 1905 Movie Theater: 🤍 ★The guide to life that knows you best - 东PIN西凑凑China Live: 🤍 ★The most exciting series of movies - 电视电影Movie Series: 🤍 ★The most authentic Chinese movie in Vietnamese - Điện Ảnh Trung Quốc: 🤍 ★The most authentic Chinese movie in Indonesian - FILM CINA:🤍

Lanzhou Hand pulled noodles - Montreal, chinatown |


Lanzhou hand pulled Noodles - Chinatown Montreal | 🤍 Address: 1006 Boulevard Saint Laurent, Montréal QC H2Z 9Y9 Located in Chinatown of Montreal. Accessible by Metro station Place D'Arme or STM bus 55 from Metro station Saint Laurent Great comfort chinese food: big portion, reasonable price and super tasty. Nice show by chefs of pulling noodles on-site.

Trailer: Islam and Muslims in Lanzhou


Lanzhou is the capital city of Gansu Province in Northwestern China. It is home to more than 100,000 Chinese Muslims. What's their life like? A short documentary will provide some insights. This video is the trailer of the documentary. Make sure you stay tuned so that you don't miss the real thing.

Lanzhou City: First stop of our 5 Day Trip in Gansu Province//Your Average Filipina


Hi Welcome back to my Channel and welcome to those who are new. This is Your Average Filipina, Nikka. This vlog will show you the places that we visited in Lanzhou City. It was amazing to see a an evident different culture in Gansu Province. The Muslim influences are present where ever we looked.

Back to work! How are Lanzhou beef noodles made?


Back to work! How are Lanzhou beef noodles made? Join us in a delicious journey in China's Lanzhou. #AmazingChina

GLOBALink | Ukrainian chef brings fusion gourmet to NW China's Lanzhou


Authentic Ukrainian cuisine is cooked with Chinese ingredients. a Ukrainian-Chinese fusion restaurant is gaining popularity among diners in NW. China's Lanzhou, capital of Gansu Province. #GLOBALink

Trailer | NOODLES RHAPSODY | Mỳ Thịt Bò Lan Châu (Lanzhou Beef Noodles )


Phim tài liệu về chủ đề ẩm thực với đầy đủ sắc và hương "NOODLES RHAPSODY" sẽ lên sóng trên YouTube vào ngày 26/4/2022! Đăng Ký Kênh Bạn Nhé: 🤍 Xem Trọn Bộ Tại Đây: 🤍 Nội dung: Chương trình lấy đề tài về ẩm thực truyền thống Trung Hoa xen lẫn đời sống tình cảm của người dân, vừa miêu tả ẩm thực Trung Hoa vừa khắc họa đời sống hạnh phúc trong xã hội. Chương trình xoay quanh ẩm thực mỳ, với tư tưởng "một thành phố một bát mỳ một nhóm người", chọn những thành phố khác nhau, từ ẩm thực mỳ cho đến những con người có liên quan đến món mỳ rồi đến sự phát triển văn hóa của thành phố, vừa thể hiện hương vị món ngon vừa thể hiện được sự đa dạng và phong phú trong văn hóa ẩm thực Trung Hoa, cùng với cuộc sống thường ngày của con người khi có món ngon bên cạnh, làm sao để sống thật bình đạm hạnh phúc, truyền bá nét đặc sắc của các thành phố thuộc Trung Quốc qua góc độ cuộc sống. Dù là bát mỳ tương đen nồng vị trong ngõ hẻm Bắc Kinh hay là bát mỳ vằn thắn ở vùng ven biển Quảng Đông...Dù bạn là người ở đâu, đang sống ở nơi nào, chỉ cần một đôi đũa, một cái bát, một bát mỳ là đủ để sưởi ấm trái tim bình phàm.

Lanzhou ramen | Chinese Gourmet Cooking Course


Lanzhou ramen, cooked typically in beef leg bone soup, features silky smooth noodles made through a laborious process of controlling water temperature, adding locally produced leavening agents, and multiple kneading and pulling within the working of the dough. It is noted for its clear soup, savory beef flavor as well as its long and thin noodles. #Chinesefood Follow us: Youtube: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 🤍

The Lanzhou Stone, out of place Artifact


As reported in the ‘Lanzhou Morning News’ on June 26, 2002: "More than 10 geologists and global physicists from the National Land Resources Bureau of Gansu Province, Colored Metal Survey Bureau of Gansu Province, the Institute of Geology and Minerals Research of China Academy, Lanzhou Branch, and the School of Resources and Environment of Lanzhou College gathered to study the origin of this mysterious stone. After a discussion about its possibility of being man-made and the possible reasons for its formation, the scientists unanimously labeled the stone as one of the most valuable in China and in the world for collection, research and Archeological studies." Please visit our blog: 🤍

Lanzhou Beef Noodles | Noodles Rhapsody EP1 | Documentary | China Movie Channel ENGLISH | ENGSUB


Synopsis: Focusing on the most common ingredients that people come into contact with every day, season 1 - 'Noodles Rhapsody' carefully selected twelve kinds of noodles with different characteristics from twelve cities. Through "noodles are the most healing food in the world" to showcase the diverse food culture and rich regional culture of China. The twelve regions noodles are composed of Beijing Fried Noodles, Hangzhou Pian'erchuan Noodles,Wuhan Hot dry Noodles, Xiamen Satay Noodles, Guangzhou Wonton noodles, Xi'an BiangBiang Noodles , Datong Knife-cut Noodles and so on. #一面之词EP1 #ChinaMovieChannelENGLISH #Chinesemovie 📢Watch more Chinese movies with English subtitles on China Movie Channel ENGLISH. 👉SUBSCRIBE China Movie Channel ENGLISH: 🤍 ★★★Welcome to Subscribe Movie Channel’s Other Official Channel★★★ ★The Official Chinese movies - CCTV6 China Movie Official Channel: 🤍 ★The hottest Chinese movies - 1905 Movie Theater: 🤍 ★The guide to life that knows you best - 东PIN西凑凑China Live: 🤍 ★The most exciting series of movies - 电视电影Movie Series: 🤍 ★The most authentic Chinese movie in Vietnamese - Điện Ảnh Trung Quốc: 🤍 ★The most authentic Chinese movie in Indonesian - FILM CINA:🤍

Let Us Know Something About Lanzhou, A City Of China


Let Us Know Something About Lanzhou, A City Of China Let us know something about Lanzhou, a city of China. Almost 200,000 Muslims live here, and the largest Mosque is Xiguan. Herbs discovered by Lanzhou University have different uses in Pakistan. Unforgettable and full of taste Halal snacks in Zhengning road night market. ،آئیے چین کے شہر لانچو کے بارے میں جاتے ہیں۔ یہاں تقریبا دو لاکھ مسلمان آباد ہیں اور یہاں کی سب سے بڑی مسجد کا نام شی گوان ہے۔ لانچو یونیورسٹی کی دریافت کردہ جڑی بوٹیاں پاکستان میں مختلف مقاصد کے لیے استعمال کی جاتی ہیں اور چنگ ننگ روڈ کی نائٹ مارکیٹ میں ناقابل فراموش مزے سے بھرپور حلال فوڈ 24 News HD is one of the leading news channels of Pakistan bringing you the latest current affairs from Pakistan and around the world. Live National Assembly and Senate Session. Follow us on:- ►Website: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 ​ ►Facebook: 🤍 ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Youtube: 🤍 #Pakistan #24NewsHD #News #LatestNews #BreakingNews PM Imran Khan | Nasim Zehra 🤍 8 | Sajjad Jani | 10 Tak | 24 Special | Inkshf | Pakistan Latest and Breaking News | Live News | Prime Minister Imran Khan | News Headlines | National Assembly of Pakistan | Senate | Prime Minister Imran Khan | President Arif Alvi

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